Alice Merton

Alice Merton

German-Canadian singer and songwriter, born September 13, 1993 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Founder and owner of Paper Plane Records Int..

Emily Donohue

Emily Donohue tells a different story at each milestone in her young career. The unwavering aspect is relatability. With a vocal quality that both intrigues and attracts, the subject matter of her songs conjure memories, inspire action, and empathize with our own struggles. Emily creates a wide appeal in her songs that resists existing in a categorical vacuum.

Emily’s live performances have captivated audiences from local Seattle venues to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Worldwide, Emily has 65,000 monthly online listeners spanning over 30 countries.

Currently living in Seattle, Washington, Emily draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring scenery, her friends and family, and the pains of growing up and apart.

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