Bob Sima **All Ages Matinee**

Bob Sima is the purest of pure singer-songwriters, with absolutely no concern for sticking with a genre. His only true concern is the message and it is always one that leaves the listener in a better place.

His soul-stirring performances straddle the worlds of Indie-Folk, Singer-Songwriter, and Rock with a hint of Soul, Blues/Gospel, and mantra-based songs likened to Eastern/Indian Kirtan tradition.

He delicately navigates audiences on a journey, both individually and as a collective. The whole audience is in it, together. No one is left out.

Flowing with the unique energy at each event and rarely making a set list, he is adept at going from foot-stomp to pin-drop, often in mid song. The audience is guided into a space for things to happen – epiphanies, light bulbs coming on, shifts. It's much more than a concert - it’s a transformational experience. You don’t realize what hit you until you are walking out of the venue to your car. The medicine of the music lingers for days.

His 8 studio albums over 12 years have garnered 25 awards from songwriting staples such as Kerrville Folk Festival, Wildflower Song Contest, Global Peace Song, and emPower Positive Music Award.

In 2014 Bob Sima won the “Rammie" for 2013 Best Show of the Year at Rams Head On Stage. A local Annapolitan, Bob has slowly developed a loyal national following due to relentlessly releasing new material and steady touring.

He is joined on stage by his partner, premier vocalist Shannon Plummer, whose harmonies are so perfectly attuned to Sima’s. It is as if there is one voice coming from the duo.



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