Scott H. Biram, The Yawpers

Scott H. Biram

American blues, punk, country, heavy metal musician, and record producer, born 4 April 1974.

The Yawpers

Rock & roll from Denver, Colorado.

Nate Cook
Jesse Parmet
Noah Shomberg

The Broken Spokes

The Broken Spokes came together in Houston, Texas over the love of the long forgotten country music of yesterday. Presenting this style as true to the day it was recorded, The Broken Spokes hope to fill the void in the "country music " you may hear in bars and dance halls today. From the sad songs of Lefty, to the ringing harmonies of Buck and Don, The Broken Spokes will take you back to a time to when you weren't embarrassed to say you were a fan of country music.

The Broken Spokes are:

Brent McLennan- Vocals, Guitar
Josh Artall- Lead Guitar, Piano, Harmony Vocals
Willy T. Golden- Steel Guitar
Kevin Skrla- Upright Bass
Rajiv Grover- Drums

$5.00 - $15.00


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