Elsa Nilsson

Elsa Nilsson

"Swedish flutist Elsa Nilsson and her quartet will perform traditional Swedish songs often sung on December 13th to celebrate Lucia. This uniquely swedish holiday celebrates the return of light during the darkest time of the year. You can expect some South African, Jamaican, Brazilian and Balkan influences and gingerbread cookies for everyone!

Elsa Nilsson's music is profoundly playful and diversely influenced. She believes that the true beauty of music is its capacity to transcend cultural boundaries. She considers all folk music (including jazz) to have a common thread, and that by weaving those threads together, a deeper, more complete understanding among cultures can be reached. This philosophy is evident in her compositional style, subtly blending cross-cultural elements to create a sound that is distinctly her own.

Each member of the band brings his or her own flavor to the music. With Nilsson leading on flute, this band also features Jeff McLaughlin on Guitar, Alex Minier on Bass, and Cody Rahn on Drums and Percussion.

Video of “Gläns Över Sjö och Strand”, a christmas song from EP “Växer” can be found here:

“One of the most dynamic bandleaders in the New York jazz scene.”
-Nick Dunston, Hot House Jazz Magazine

“Elsa has a beautiful conception of music.”
-Chris Potter, renowned jazz saxophonist "



GA Seated || Please note, there is a two drink minimum in the room.

Advance tickets are available online until 5:30PM, day of show. Any remaining tickets can be purchased at the door at showtime.

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