Born out of the ashes of 37 different bands, Skanatra formed in 1996 as an excuse to get as many of the friends into the same band. And ska was the perfect genre (Ever seen those bands? They're huge.). Featuring ex-members of 90's Hoboken mainstays The Gefkens, The Whatnots, and Fear of Falling, the lads were uninterested in writing original ska music - the idea being to just have fun and drink too much beer. In fact, beer played a large part in the idea to marry ska with the classic stylings of Frank Sinatra. Most of the members were living in or around Hoboken, NJ at the time, so Sinatra seemed like the natural call. Especially when one of the them came up with a potential name: Skanatra. And so it was written - they would dive into the legendary Sinatra catalog, pick out a handful of classics and ska-ify them. And it worked! Skanatra performs only sporadically these days, but when the allure of a Hoboken gig at Maxwell's comes calling, they answer.



Tickets will also be available at the door for $20 if space permits, however, advanced purchase is always recommended.

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