Moon Tan + Body Spray + Vinyl Hero + Slow Death Lights + The Velvet SuperSloths + KOZEN + Grass Grows Back

The Velvet SuperSloths

Sounds like Pantera meets ZZtop meets a drive-in theater. Defined as a stoner/sludge/kickdowncore band. A great mix of Whiskey, Sweat, Bacon, and sloths.

Slow Death Lights

Slow Death Lights brings together four musicians with diverse musical experiences, from veterans of the Toronto and international touring wars to talented new players ready to make an impression in the always evolving stoner rock scene. From the depths of their souls and in the take-no-prisoners landscape of Joshua Tree, California, SDL have unleashed their debut EP Broken Desert Spirit Nightmare, recorded and produced by Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Fu-Manchu) at Jalamanta Studios in the California desert. Seeking to sonically distinguish themselves, and to capture both their visceral live energy and the bonding magic of the journey to Joshua Tree, the band recorded the EP live off the floor to 2″ analog tape.

Vinyl Hero seamlessly blend heavy, blues and country to produce catchy alternative rock revolving around heartfelt lyrics and vintage tones. The band refused to produce cut and paste rock n’ roll and rely on the talents of Ray Howard to lead the charge as their lead vocalist and guitarist. Costa Siarlis is another founding member who drives the undeniably jazzy bass lines and subtle backing vocals. 2016 marks the tenth anniversary for the Montreal locals, in 2013 they released ‘The 13’, which was around the same time that they gained two new members, Rami Barbir on guitars and the Belgian giant Tibz on drums.

We met in a bowling league, then our other bands ended so we built this up in the past year.(skate)punk/metal/rock band living the dream in south philly.

Energetic. Funky. Progressive. Vintage. Rock n' Roll. These are a just few elements that have forged together to create a unique yet very familiar sound, one that is cleverly harnessed by Winnipeg's newest power trio known as Moon Tan.

Initially drawn together as a cover band, it wasn't long before the group discovered their natural talent for creating catchy melodies and grooves. The trio –consisting of drummer Nicholas Kula, Guitarist Brady Mitchell and Bassist Adrian Dyer– soon amassed a large catalogue of instrumental material, but this music demanded a voice. After hunting throughout the city in search of a front man, Adrian decided to take the torch and undergo vigorous vocal training. The group hasn't looked back since.

Very active in Winnipeg's nightlife scene, Moon Tan never fails to turn heads during their dynamic live performances. What truly makes this sound unique is the technical expertise intertwined in their eclectic and electric sets. With funky, driving bass lines that lift you from your seats, beastly-intricate drum beats that draw you to the dance floor, piercing vocals and soaring-melodic guitar licks cleverly woven into the mix, this power trio packs a punch. "We enjoy dabbling in unconventional time signatures while still maintaining a common sound ground with our audience," says front man Adrian Dyer. "Whether you're into dance tunes or math rock, we'll have a little something to catch your ear." This is evident on Moon Tan's track "Medieval Dance", which lures you in as it transforms from a dance pop number into a psychedelic, jazzy breakdown, and then ties back neatly together at the end.

CIRCUS PARTY METALl!! If Cirque du Soleil fucked a rock band this is their baby! A Fire Breathing, freak show-weaving, rock n’ roll extravaganza. Drummer’s on fire, nails in the head, death defying stunts. Restless performance by four world class circus performers with a healthy dose of sideshow. A unique brand of heavy music. In other words, exactly what you didn’t know you’re looking for: MINETA!

KOZEN is a Toronto progressive metal band whose sound represents the diversity of their home town. The band plays a brand of heavy progressive rock that borrows extensively from metal, jazz, funk, and electronica. Recalling Issues, Devin Townsend, Incubus, Thrice, Falling Up, and "Blueprint Dives"-era Extol, KOZEN has a forward-thinking sound, adding new dimensions to melodic rock.

Grass Grows Back

Grass Grows Back is a three piece outfit originating from Toronto, Ontario. Whether by fortune or damnation, the three sonic travelers have embarked on a life time quest to revitalize the days of old; to rekindle and connect the ideals of love, art and experience.
Blues provides the basis of their dynamic sound, having been compared to ‘The Doors’ and various other artists of the 60’s and 70’s era. Over the years the band has developed a distinct sound, recognizable by their signature grooves, mind splitting riffs and powerful vocal performances.

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