Silver & Gold (Winter Tour Kick-Off)

Silver & Gold

Silver and Gold have been a Northern Colorado talent treasure trove with bounds of musical silver, and surprise, surprise... premium gold. The five star band features Davis Williams (drums), Brandon Vela (bass), Claire Jensen (keyboard/ vocals), Pie Lombardi (guitar/ vocals) and Devon Hildebrandt (guitar/ vocals). They just keep getting better. Their new EP, Compression is a direct reflection of how well they work together.


Valienta (Formerly known as Racing On The Sun) out of Denver Colorado are a three piece group fronted by singer-songwriter Alfonso Cervantes. The band has been touring coast to coast in the US rapidly gaining national attention with their electric live set and powerful and catchy songs. Emerging out of the Alternative Rock genre Valienta have embraced a Pop style that one minute is dark and broody, then the next colorful and sweet. The band just finished recording their debut EP in Austin, TX with Producer Joseph Milligan (Formerly of Anberlin) and the record is set to release early 2017.

Left Hand Shakes

Left Hand Shakes is an alternative rock band based out of Denver, CO that specializes in earnest, stirring lyrics under the guise of danceable hooks and singable melodies. ​Forged in the fires of early-adulthood ambiguity and sharpened by the clarity that follows shortly after, Left Hand Shakes came together as a desire to make a room full of people dance while simultaneously poking at the dark, uncomfortable corners of its audience's mind. Pulling from both the infectious rhythms of Motown and the instrumental creativity of Psychedelia, their sound maintains a sense of fun without being vapid as well as a sense of artistry without being pretentious.

Left Hand Shakes was formed after Josh Kern and Justin Doe met while attending the music program at University of Colorado Denver. After quickly discovering a musical chemistry, they began composing original material together and performed stripped down arrangements of those songs at a local bar/restaurant to see how an audience would react. The duo's music was met with ecstatic applause. Heads were turned, tips were given, hands were shook (left ones, of course), no further evidence was required to prove that Left Hand Shakes was something worth pursuing. Ben Norton and Troy Thrasher, also UCDenver students, were brought on shortly after to complete the Left Hand Shakes lineup.

Luxxe is quickly becoming a national act. The lead singer and guitarist, Seth Smades, has been a trendsetter since his high school days where he met Devon Quartullo and Nullin Hassan, the now drummer and keyboardist for Luxxe. Luxxe was officially formed in 2014, and they have only increased in style and success ever since. These three trailblazers set out to make fun lively music, crafting their folk-pop to an artful dance. They continued playing shows, following nothing but the music and their grand dreams. After a year of hard work and much success, Michael Gessert and Evan Yuen joined Luxxe as electric guitarist and bassist. Luxxe now has five members, each a perfect compliment to one another. They recently opened for world-wide sensation One Republic, and they continue to move on to bigger things, with even brighter things on the horizon. They will soon release their much awaited first professional music video. Luxxe continues to play shows in hometown local Arizona, and all across the US. They appreciate their fan base, and always maintain communication with them through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their dynamic music is available on Itunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Be a part of their journey.

$8.00 - $10.00


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