Octave Cat

Octave Cat started unintentionally. Jesse Miller (bassist for Lotus) and Eli Winderman (keyboardist for Dopapod) met up to play some of Jesse's modular and vintage synthesizers. They recorded parts of the session which evolved into the tracks “Limber Up” and “Spar.” They brought in Charlie Patierno to play drums on these two tracks, and Octave Cat was born. Between their already busy tour schedules, the new trio (named for the first synth that initial session started with – the rare late 70s The Cat by Octave) continued to write and record. The group’s debut self-titled album is out now.

Grimace Federation

Grimace Federation, Philly's post-rock/kraut-rock/pysch-synth band, has been a local favorite for many years and have been the creators of many instrumentals behind Aesop Rocks flow. For the first time since 2010 the group is releasing a full album of original music.

The music of Grimace Federation reaching the ears of the masses was never a forethought in its creation. Founded on a need to shift sound, vast musical influences and free-form improv sessions, the always evolving Philly unit has been armed with an arsenal of multi-layered, hallucinogenic beats and complex post-rock anthems. Their sonic collages create a symphonic, cinematic, and immense sound. With all their complexities, no words are needed to stir emotions, like a Robert Rauschenberg painting, a scene from a Jodorowsky film, or a drive down Mulholland.

The new single from longtime Aesop Rock collaborators, Did I Ever Tell You? is an experiment in maximal music. A lush bed of synthesizers, blissful guitars and bashing kraut drumming combine to create a dense psychedelic sound all of it's own.

Grimace Federation's new LP Auroville is available wherever fine records are sold.

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