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Despite being perpetually too poor to drink dusted dive-bar drafts, Stockholm's Holograms still manage to projectile vomit their fare share of poison. Their regurgitations originate more from the nausea inherent with menial labor in the desolate warehouses of Sweden than alcohol abuse; ultimately making it more enjoyable to sift through. In defiance of their decrepit instruments (a collective estimated worth of a handful of Kronas) Holograms emit a seemingly impossible energy. Their sound synthesizes the drudgery of dismal existence with a lust for something better; echoing both the violent abandonment of punk as well as some of the electronic gloss of early 80s new wave. Their sound has proven far too large for Stockholm's charred pavement and empty streets; leading us to think it's about time for all of us to get a little drunker together.

In all ways, TEEN is a mix of beauty and grit. Raw songwriting meets droning keyboards and guitar, primal drumming, and swirling vocals to produce atmospheric, haunting songs set in genre-defying arrangements. Bringing together a multitude of influences in unexpected ways, TEEN is at once nostalgic and refreshingly original.

Based in New York, TEEN has been playing together since 2010, sharing the stage with Purity Ring, Gauntlet Hair, Caveman and others. TEEN recorded their soon to be released debut album in the summer of 2011.

TEEN is Teeny Lieberson (vocals/guitar), Lizzie Lieberson (keyboards/vocals), Katherine Lieberson (percussion/vocals), Jane Herships (bass/vocals), and Maia Ibar (drums/vocals).

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