Physical Graffiti

Physical Graffiti

Physical Graffiti The Led Zeppelin Show has been touring the United States and overseas for the past 30 years. Their accurate portrayal of Led Zeppelin has left audiences mesmerized worldwide. They've played over 2,000 shows in clubs, theaters, colleges and casinos from Toronto, Canada to Tallahassee, Florida and from Tel Aviv, Israel to Bogota, Columbia.

You will experience all the sights and sounds of a Led Zeppelin show from years past. Vintage Bonham drums, double-neck guitars, thick bass lines and powerful vocals are just the beginning. Physical Graffiti takes everyone’s favorite Zeppelin song and reproduces it to perfection.

So hold on to your seats and get ready to go on a trip back in time to experience the mystery and power of Led Zeppelin.

$15.00 - $20.00


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