Kevin Daniel, Swimming Bell, The Come On, Lorena Leigh

Kevin Daniel is a Brooklyn-based singer songwriter currently working on his first EP at Degraw Sound. Born and raised in the coastal plains of North Carolina, Kevin has been performing his entire life. After years of playing jazz, bluegrass, rock, and country both professionally and at university, Kevin has finally decided to master his own work and release his original music.

Swimming Bell

Schottland’s voice is divinely beautiful, yet difficult to describe. It’s rich and dulcet, yet lustrously lucent, while suffused with the dove grey haze of distance at times. I guess the best description is esmeric, i.e. there’s a clinging timbre to her voice that never dissolves, making it mesmerizing.” - Huffington Post

Lorena Leigh

ailing from Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, Lorena Leigh brought her soulful country style to NYC seven years ago and never looked back. Lorena currently resides in Rockaway Beach, Queens where she found herself feeling at home among the surfers, sunshine enthusiasts and classic rock junkies in 2013. Lorena writes, sings, plays and performs all around the peninsula through-out the summer months when she's not working her various odd jobs.

The Come On



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