Superet is an American rock band that formed in Los Angeles, CA on Valentine's Day of 2016. Tattooed across the arm of singer/guitarist Matt Blitzer, the date marks both the project's genesis and the manifestation of the musical partnership between five close friends. Having collaborated in various iterations over the preceding years, Blitzer, along with Alex Fischel (keyboards), Sam KS (drums), Patrick Kelly (bass) and Isaac Tamburino (guitar, keyboards, percussion) present Superet as the culmination of their longstanding creative kinship. Snatched from the facade of a decrepit Los Angeles church (cult), the Latin word "superet" translates to "may it overflow," an apt description of the reclusive band's modus operandi. After quietly stockpiling eccentric, hook-laden rock gems behind closed doors, the group unveiled its blistering debut single "Pay It Later" in May of 2017. Superet is coming...

French-American songwriter Sydney Wayser grew up in Los Angeles, summered in Paris and, until early this year, was stationed in New York, where she wrestled with a bleak winter and which direction her music would take after releasing solo albums in 2007 and ’09. Her late-2012 dispatch, “Bell Choir Coast,” addressed the latter dilemma. As for geography, she has moved back home to L.A. and adopted the band name Clara-Nova. “Bell Choir Coast” is a collection of smart, bright indie-pop with clattering orchestration, its calling card being Wayser’s lithe vocals (which have been in fine form at Clara-Nova’s current residency at the Bootleg). It’s easy to imagine an L.A. native cooped up in a New York apartment writing “Dream It Up” — “I’m dreaming of mountains and paradise / with oceans and beaches and sunny skies” — and now that those visions are within her grasp, it’ll be interesting to see where Clara-Nova goes.
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Green Gerry

Green Gerry is an endearingly weird pop band based in Los Angeles. Birthed in Athens, Georgia and spearheaded by a one Gerry Green, who started out recording everything by himself, often on a laptop, in the closets of the various people he happened to be staying with at the time. The young singer-songwriter has been turning the conventions of the folk-world upside down with a staggeringly impressive collection of psychedelic, lo-fi, and even pop-laden songs. Green Gerry put together a band after the release of his second album, King Baby. At the same time, one of the pop friendly cuts on the record, "La La Lonely Maria #1," caught the attention of record label Mom+Pop, home to indie stalwarts Cloud Nothings, Andrew Bird, Flume, and Sleigh Bells among others. They approached Gerry to re-record the song in a studio and that's just what he did. Two singles, La LA Lonely Maria #1 and Mumbo Jumbo, are out now on Mermaid Ave, M+P's singles label. At the moment, Green Gerry is figuring out his life and finishing up his 3rd album, Electric Iron.


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