In The Company Of Serpents, Goya

In The Company Of Serpents

In the Company of Serpents are a doom/sludge two-piece from Denver, Colorado. Founded in early 2011, the band came into being when vocalist/guitarist Grant Netzorg met drummer JJ Anselmi at a show their former bands were playing. Later that Spring they recorded a 4 song demo in a friend's basement studio, which they paid for in AR-15 Ammunition and beer. Shortly afterwards, In the Company of Serpents entered Moduel Overload studios in Denver to record their self-titled debut, which was subsequently self-released on cassette in early 2012.

In late 2011 JJ left the band on amicable terms, and Joseph Weller Myer has been slaying the skins in his stead ever since. In May of 2013 Joe & Grant entered the studio to record their follow-up, Of the Flock, which was subsequently mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson. Of the Flock was self-released on vinyl on Halloween of 2013.

Started in 2011 by guitarist/vocalist Jeff Owens, joined by drummer Nick Lose and bassist Sonny DeCarlo, Goya are a 3-piece metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. Having played in punk bands for most of his life, Jeff drew from influences such as Electric Wizard, Sleep, and Black Sabbath to form Goya, following the path of The Riff, carved out by so many before. However, to quote Doomed & Stoned:

“Goya isn’t just some band that plays heavy riffs for the sake of playing heavy riffs. There is a narrative that is part and parcel of every song. Few bands can provide quality on this level, musically and lyrically.”

2016 marks Goya’s fifth year as a band, and has come with a slew of releases, the latest being a 7” lathe cut commemorating the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. Their last EP, The Enemy, is being released through STB Records, who released their 2015 full length, “Obelisk”. Goya will be hitting the studio in the fall to record their follow-up to “Obelisk”, due in Spring 2017.

Goya have shared the stage with countless bands (Sleep, Windhand, Dead Meadow, Valkyrie, etc.), and have performed at Psycho Las Vegas, Southwest Terror Fest, and Day of the Shred. Having no plans to stop here, Goya are poised to extend their reach in 2017. The songs they are hitting the studio with in the fall show them to be pushing their sound further than ever before.


Catatonic, gravity-bending doom from Denver, CO specializing in no frills, caveman dope dirges and psychedelic wanderings.


Doomgaze/Psych from Denver Colorado.

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