Pan-Pot | Jackmaster & Midland on the Space Terrace

Tassilo Ippenberger (Tas Toyo), born at lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, is a passionate DJ , meets Thomas Benedix, from Templin. Both new to Berlin, they sign up at SAE taking “electronic music producer” classes. Since music’s not only to be produced, but also to be played, they start out with their own series of parties, where at one night Marco Resmann a.k.a. DJ Phage plays his set. Marco, from Berlin, has a flaming, passionate love for house and is well known in the scene. One afternoon all three of them meet in Marco Resmann’s Audio Gain Studio and the project Pan-Pot is born.Pan-Pot is the perfect symbiosis of three ambitioned electronic musicians who share a passion for music. The huge variety in their musical influences and the professional background allows them to find their very own groove quickly. Strongly influenced by the origins of house and the omnipresent minimal techno a great variety of sound creations comes into being.Pan-Pot are at the time without a doubt the freshest producers and dj’s from Berlin. The Pan-Pot DJ Team with Tassilo and Thomas plays in clubs throughout Berlin. First reports state an audience seduced by Pan-Pot Sounds.


Co-founder of Wireblock.

$10.00 - $40.00


Enjoy this marathon on the terrace with us. Just imagine what Pan Pot will do as our residents hand them the decks of the terrace for a 6 hour journey, this will lead us into the morning with the terrace debuts of Jackmaster and Midland and they are going to play until the end of time. Stay Rebel.

For table reservations, please call: +1 786 357 6456

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