On a Black Friday (Radiohead Tribute)

On a Black Friday

20th Anniversary set of RADIOHEAD-OK COMPUTER

It's A King Thing (Playing Hits from 1997)

It is a King Thing was not a band in 1997. Now in 2017, the band is a band and they can look back on the last ten years and say with certainty that 1997 was a year that they were not a band. Singer Brian Mietz recalls.

“We were not a band. I learned Algebra that year.”

With number theory mathematics under his belly, Mietz turned to the arts to feed his studies. He learned from the greats like Austin, Sting, Edge and Hart. His artistic core strengthening was suddenly shook in November of 1997 during a live show of the Survivor Series.

“The whole thing reeked. Everyone saw it. Hart didn’t tap out.”

With his heroes eviscerated, Mietz decided he would start a band in 2007.

Now at 10 years of age, It is a King Thing are returning as Hits a King Thing to play the hit songs of 1997. I smell candy and sex. The whole thing reeks.



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