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Heavy Metal/Stoner Rock from Vancouver, BC. Featuring members of Barn Burner, 3 Inches of Blood, Anciients & Hashteroid.

Three-piece heavy rock outfit from Vancouver.

We Hunt Buffalo create songs with hard hitting, fuzz rock grooves and psychedelic overtones. It's a culmination of many years playing music together in a small Vancouver suburb.

Atmospheric sludge & doom hailing from Vancouver BC.

Black Thunder

Black Thunder’s heavy psychedelia has been mutating in subterranean Regina Saskatchewan since 2009. Drawing upon the musical instincts of a trio of metal-and-psych-adjacent album hunters, their music builds in the borderlands between the labyrinths of progressive rock guitar riffs, boggy 70s hard psych basslines, and the amphetamine alleyways of proto-glam drumming. Expect a new album this summer.



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