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Out Of Body Experience

The Out of Body Experience is a five-piece, alternative-rock band from Portland, Oregon with Montana roots. Jaben Tritten (vocals/guitar), Jordan Tritten (vocals/keys/guitar), John Zorn (bass guitar), Rusty Sutton (drums), and Ryan Lum (lead guitar) make up the group. Formed in late 2015, the band has already gained traction throughout the Northwest part of the United States, playing concerts and festivals in Oregon, Washingtion, and Montana.

Their style of music differs from anything out there right now. Some influences include Muse, Coldplay, The Killers, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, but their sound is unique in it's own way. With an EP, a music video, and a few singles released, listeners of all ages and walks of life are pleased with the music they create.

The five young men have only just begun on their journey to achieve their dreams. Their drive for their passion of music will get them where they need to be. As for future endeavors, be on the lookout for their new demo, "Human," available summer 2017!

The Macks are a young 4-piece bluesy rock and roll band from Portland, OR. The Macks play fast, The Macks play loud, and The Macks will get you moving one way or another. Featuring vocalist Sam Fulwiler, guitarist Ben Windheim, drummer Joe Windheim, and bassist Bailey Sauls, the band offers kinetic, passionate, and impossible-to-predict live shows. The music ranges from sinister to sarcastic, playing off of the angsty vocals and the rowdy blues guitar. Anything is on the table at a show, including but not limited to: stage dives, public displays of affection, youthful exuberance, partial nudity, and whomping solos.
Since their debut EP “Happy Camper”, released August 2016, the band has been hard at work building their presence, completing their first Northwest tour, and recording their debut album “Camp Poppa”, slated for release with an accompanying Southwest tour late 2017.

“I can’t tell if you’re a wet dream or a nightmare” - fan in Corvallis.

"Danny Delegato is a singer-songwriter native to Portland, and frontman of psychedelic pop band The Hugs.

dannydelegato.bandcamp.com/ "

Nick Caceres

"Portland renaissance folk maestro."
-Willamette Week

"This guys got what it takes."
-Pete Krebs

"Really fun stuff!"
-Portland Mercury

"Angst is rarely so introspective, universal and steeped in historical reflection. There is a rawness to Caceres’ folk output"
-PSU Vanguard Magazine

"Nick Caceres has nailed the whole songwriting thing...his skills are only getting better, showcasing a louder rock sound."
-Willamette Week

"A creative testament that stands on its own. If you are desiring something totally different to add to your music collection, this likely will do it for you."
-Local Vertical

"Young poet, old soul, with a voice that could claim a gene from Tim Buckley."
-Linda Waterfall

"A monster lyricist with a gift for melody. Nick has a commitment to jams that are catchy but immune to the clichés of modern pop music. Very hard to do and most impressive. Nick Caceres is the reincarnation of the traveling minstrels that once roamed the foggy countryside in 6/8 time signatures"
-Juan Patino (Producer Lisa Loeb, Jewel)

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