Young Lovers

Guitarist Mikey Macapagal, drummer Ford Crispino, and bassist Josh Solomon formed Young Lovers in the summer of 2011. Mikey and Josh both met and played together in their high school's marching band while Ford had previously played in a band with Mikey as well, so it only seemed fitting for the three to come together. Thinking primarily of their idealism and preoccupation with relationships, Ford had come up the name "Young Lovers" while folding laundry, simply because it was what the three friends at heart. This fit in with the creative ethos and the goal of the band, which is to express each members' innermost feelings and thoughts about love and loss, romance and realism, and the simultaneous beauty and terror of life itself, all in a way which could be understood universally.

Since then, they have spent the last few years honing and refining their sound, which loosely draws upon the sounds and textures of shoegaze, dreampop, and post-rock, while also drawing upon classical and jazz influences from their upbringing. Their raw intensity combined with a lush, expansive soundscape results in an uniquely introspective musical experience. In 2014, they added former FoxHollow guitarist and songwriter Jonathan Higa to their ranks to make their signature sound even bigger and more emotionally devastating. They released their debut self-titled album in September 2014, and have since become stalwarts in popular Los Angeles venues such as pehrspace and The Smell. They've also had the privilege of opening for The Fall of Troy at a sold-out show at the Glass House in Pomona.

As of 2017, Young Lovers are working hard on their second album, to be released later on in the year.


Todavia is the Los Angeles based dream-pop project by Rhyan Riesgo. From writing words to all elements of sound including vocals, keyboard, and guitar, she commands multi-instrumentalism and insists that all lone sounds are purposefully placed to carry out a meaning. Stay, released June 2016, explores new thematic material such as mental illness, introversion, gender and sexual identity and self-worth.

Shinobi Ghost

Shinobi Ghost, bringing to you a psychedelic experience of Neo Soul, Jazz, and Hip Hop grooves from the Inland Empire and LA County



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