Belphegor was founded in 1993 and spread like a virus within the underground. Meanwhile, their 'Bloodbath in Paradise' demo has become legendary and paved the baleful path into the souls of thousands of listeners. Anti-religious with nihilistic tendencies as well as provocative topics, Belphegor moved on. The debut album 'The Last Supper' [1995] let the community of followers and opponents grow. Inexorably, the band pushes their destructive ways forward in the following years. Belphegor become louder, more obsessed and more dynamic, and their albums now have cult status. To think about the scene doesn't work without thinking of Belphegor. In 2008, the band sent their followers to the edge of hell with 'Bondage Goat Zombie' and sparked an all-consuming Death Metal fire with blasting black metal influences. This masterpiece, inspired by the Marquis de Sade, is one of the most demanding works the genre has offered to this day. Belphegor showed themselves equally brutal and baleful on the successors 'Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwhan' [2009] and 'Blood Magick Necromance' [2011]. The band received a lot of great feedback for their intense live performances as well, and reached out to a big and loyal fan base. Their obscure rituals full of diabolical magick have haunted the world several times – next to extensive tours through Asia and Europe. Belphegor have also completed ten tours through North America. No matter where Belphegor march forth on this planet, be it on your stereo or live on stage, one thing is for sure: after the crest of their devilish death ceremony, there will only be a heap of ruins remaining!

Cryptopsy is an extreme metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. During the past twenty years, Cryptopsy have wreaked havoc throughout the metal genre by releasing six studio albums ('Blasphemy Made Flesh', 'None So Vile', 'Whisper Supremacy', 'And Then You’ll Beg', 'Once Was Not', and 'The Unspoken King'), a live album ('None So Live') and an EP ('Ungentle Exhumation'), which have confronted and invigorated the conventional approach to writing extreme music. Now in 2012, Cryptopsy have returned to their roots in order to craft their newest endeavour entitled 'CRYPTOPSY'. The band has said that 'CRYPTOPSY' will be their most brutal, technical and dynamic offering as of yet.

Panzerfaust is a Canadian black metal band formed in 2005 as an entity forged from the combined desire to create music and writing equally voided of their conventions. Categorically a black metal band, Panzerfaust however claims no devotional framework, and firmly holds an anti-theistic postion. Panzerfaust has NO ideology, but rather pursues ideas for the ideas themselves. In our view - nothing is sacred.

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, Kafirun sprung to deathly life in in 2014. The band's first release was an EP titled Death Worship - a title which has served to guide Kafirun's prevailing principles - and was released on cassette format that same year, garnering a strong and positive response across the worldwide metal underground. A year later, another EP followed, titled Glorification of Holy Death - again, another telltale title - which released by the band digitally and as a very limited CD. This release brought the band further in their sinister journey towards total cosmic death. Alas, just last year, both EPs were jointly reissued as The Worship and Glorification of Holy Death compilation, which was quickly followed by a split 7" with Austria's Transilvania.

Now, with that swift 'n' decisive experience behind them, Kafirun are set to unleash their first full-length work, Eschaton, under the auspices of Seance Records. Sonically painting the eternal void of death, Eschaton perversely brims with an illuminating light, devouring the cosmic light of life and everything within, scurrying through the sort of black metal whose radiance is so obsidian as to consume energy as austerely as it expends it; verily, it is death of the self and all reason. In this moment which is eternal yet transitory, a new and pure energy grows within the womb of chaos, and which ignites the source of a new aeon, a flame needless of air to exist. A new true god that breeds its new self, purified and sanctified in chaos without an end nor a beginning: here stands Kafirun.

Although the moniker Kafirun stems from Islam - meaning disbelievers or infidels and is mentioned over a hundred times in the religious text and verses - the band state that "in our lyrics, we do not have anything about Islam at all. Our concept is about death and nothingness. We try to not use generic occult notions. Surely, we are influenced by the old beliefs, the occult, myths, esoteric ideas, and the Luciferian path, but we try to create our own concepts. Death is the only true god, and it is the only god that reveals itself to living things. So we explore death, nothingness, and what lies beyond the boundaries of the flesh. Some things are incomprehensible to a man and can only be experienced through death. So Kafirun is against the monotheistic dogmas and submission to their teachings on a philosophical level. It is a flame, an idea for a total chaotic new beginning on the individual level."



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