The Phantom Of The Opera- The Classic Silent Horror Film

The Phantom Of The Opera- The Classic Silent Horror Film

Take a step back in time!
This isn't just any typical movie being played at the Fox. This will be a very special viewing of the silent classic horror film that you and your family won't want to miss. You will get to watch this film accompanied with the live performance sounds of an organ, just like you would have, had you been watching a movie here in 1930. And to add more character and historic appeal, the movie will be played from a fully restored 1909 Hand-Cranked projector, set up in the center of the auditorium.

In this silent horror classic, aspiring young opera singer Christine Daaé (Mary Philbin) discovers that she has a mysterious admirer intent on helping her become a lead performer. This enigmatic masked presence is Erik, also known as the Phantom (Lon Chaney), a horribly disfigured recluse who lives underneath the Paris Opera House. When the Phantom takes Christine prisoner and demands her devotion and affection, her suitor, Vicomte Raoul de Chagny (Norman Kerry), sets out to rescue her.

Organist Dean Mora

Dean Mora was born and raised in Los Angeles; his interest in pre-WWII America was forged early on as a child (at 11 he went to see the motion picture “The Sting” and was instantly hooked). Shortly after receiving his Bachelor of Music degree at CSU Northridge, Dean was offered the job of accompanying silent films at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood. At this time Dean studied theatre organ with the legendary Gaylord Carter, learning all the tricks and techniques needed to effectively accompany a silent film. Dean played every week at the Silent Movie Theatre for 6 years, accompanying over 200 movies. He also played for screenings attended by silent films stars such as Buddy Rogers, Anita Page, Lina Basquette, and Gilbert Roland, in addition to modern stars such as Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Leonard DiCaprio, Brendan Fraser, and John Candy. Since then, Dean has performed in other venues such as the Orpheum Theatre (Los Angeles), Copley Hall (San Diego), Fox Theatre (Hanford, CA and Visalia, CA), and the Nethercutt Museum (Sylmar, CA). In addition, he has also performed at film festivals in various locales, including The Roger Ebert Film Festival in Champaign, IL, the UCLA Film Archives Series, The Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Academy in Beverly Hills, CA, and the Silent Movie Film Festival in Osaka, Japan. When Dean is not busy accompanying silent movies, he leads a big band (Dean Mora & His Orchestra), playing dance music of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s ( He currently resides in Sacramento with his wife Adrian and their beautiful baby boy Hamilton (born Nov. 2016)

Projectionist Joe Rinaudo

Of his many passions regarding old film from the silent era, antique hand-cranked projection machines are perhaps his most unique. He has a collection that includes early Edison, Pathe, and Keystone but his favorite is the 1909 Powers Cameragraph model 6 that he completely restored to perfect working condition
His love of silent film started in his childhood from broadcasts on early television and a chance showing of an 8mm Charlie Chaplin film that his father brought home. He graduated from 8 to 16 and eventually to 35mm which necessitated the acquisition and restoration of the projectors.
He currently recreates itinerant motion-picture shows for museums, schools, and theaters using his projector with live musical accompaniment.

He is one of few private citizens to work with the Library of Congress on the preservation and restoration of Silent Films.

He has recently completed the restoration of a Fotoplayer (a piano-organ, sound-effects hybrid that was used in silent movie theaters) For the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their museum collection.

Mr. Rinaudo is ably assisted by his able assistant Gary Gibson.



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