Front Line Assembly

Front Line Assembly

Formed 1986 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Front Line Assembly was the best known of the various electronic music projects undertaken by the prolific Vancouver-based duo of Bill Leeb (vocals, synthesizers), Rhys Fulber (synthesizers, samplers) and Michael Balch after Leeb left Skinny Puppy.


British electronic/crossover band founded in 1992 in London and disbanded in 1999. They reformed in 2010.

Vampyre Anvil

Vampyre Anvil is Jason Novak & Sean Payne. Culling the sounds of past projects (Acucrack, Cyanotic, Acumen Nation) VA takes a darker, complicated path to redemption.

Cyanide Regime

Ex-members: Christine S., and Natalie G.

Cyanide Regime is the joint effort of Colombian Fernando S. and Americans Brian Blitzkrieg and KC Killjoy out of Miami, Florida. Their mission is the creation of dance-oriented tracks with a heavy Electronic Industrial influence. Their music, lyrics and concept illustrate the project’s obsession with geopolitics, religion, and contempt. Join the regime.

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