BELPHEGOR emerges as one of the most extreme line ups to ever come out of the death black metal scene. The band members themselves describe their hellride as "Supreme Death/ Black Metal Art"


Reinstating all hope that there is still life and creativity in the realm of death metal, the members of Montreal's Cryptopsy aren't out to fool anyone with their music or songwriting. The band strives to completely indulge themselves in and explore one musical characteristic, sheer brutality. Possessing the technical aspects that most of the scene's giants can only hope to achieve, Cryptopsy heave a mighty load of harsh grind that is overwhelming to fans of noise and crust as well as death metal. Garnering an incredible underground following in the last few years, especially in Europe, these guys relentlessly search their creative realms for expansion of their devastating music, and their first two albums have set standards in this overcrowded scene. As if Cryptopsy haven't already done enough to separate themselves from the normal ranks, the band are set to unleash their third monstrous and most vital album, Whisper Supremacy. On the heels of their 4-song Ungentle Exhumation demo, the band released their Blasphemy Made Flesh debut in May of 1994 on Germany's Invasion Records. Licensed later by Displeased Records, Blasphemy... forced its way into the underground, and Cryptopsy soon became known for their highly-damaging sound and sadistically perverted lyrics. After a three-month Canadian tour in the summer of '95, Sweden's Wrong Again Records quickly signed the band, and in early '96 released their 8-song, aptly-titled second album, None So Vile. Produced masterfully by the band and Obliveon guitarist Pierre Remillard, None So Vile upped the ante for Cryptopsy and further established them as one of the most relentless and brutal bands on the planet. After another successful short tour of Canada, the band lost original vocalist Lord Worm to a stable job with a beer company, but not before Worm's hand-picked replacement Mike DiSalvo (ex-Infestation) could step in and expand the vocal extremities of the band. Mike's capabilities and on-stage presence are the perfect compliment to the band's chainsaw-like dirges, and the music's potency is now twice the level it was before. Realizing that the band and their music needed to reach a much wider and vast audience, Century Media Records signed Cryptopsy to a world-wide contract in 1998. Having the largest attendance and the most support on the Rave stage at 1997's Milwaukee Metalfest, Cryptopsy made a return appearance at this year's record-setting event (and again commanded the largest support on the Rave stage) just before the release of their Century Media debut. Recorded and produced again by Pierre Remillard at Montreal's Victor Studio, Whisper Supremacy will see a global September release to their massively-supportive following and the rest of the extreme metal world. Putting some distance between themselves and their previous outputs, Cryptopsy's latest is as technically perfect as it is harsh, and is as awe-inspiring as it is exhausting. As the current 1998 Death Across America Tour (complete with Gorguts, Oppressor and Nile) trudges on, Cryptopsy are unleashing their live show to the masses, and never has the time been more ideal for a record like Whisper Supremacy to drive a dominating spike through the cold heart of death metal. Grab onto something stable, for you've now been warned!



Panzerfaust was formed in 2005 as an entity forged from the combined desire to create music and writing equally voided of their conventions. Categorically a black metal band, Panzerfaust however claims no ideology or devotional framework, and firmly holds an anti-theistic postion. Panzerfaust maintains that nothing is sacred. So, let no man be saved from our judgment, for only the dead have seen the end of the war.

Since the band's lowly inception, Panzerfaust has released three full length albums - most recently with their latest "Jehovah-jireh: The Divine Anti-logos." Being described as having "been revamped and improved tenfold" while dually "sounding like it carries a curse inside and it is unleashed as music as the record fades out." As Panzerfaust continues to expand, the music and the correspondent ideas have taken their symbiotic form.

"For Hell is not a place a man goes, but something he is forever to carry."

The band has held a reputation of having an explosive and emposing live show testified by their history of touring alongside the likes of Marduk, Aura Noir and Vital Remains as well with their support for Mayhem, Behemoth, Watain, Tryptikon, 1349 and Impaled Nazarene on various shows. Additionally, Panzerfaust performed one of four exclusive dates with Immortal in North America. In 2011, Panzerfaust performed at the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest in Mexico featuring Megadeth, Fear Factory, Kataklysm, Dark Funeral and many more.

In 2013, following the release of "Jehovah-jireh.." Panzerfaust was featured at the "Messe des Morts II" festival alongside Ragnarok, Revenge, Black Witchery and Mgla. Following this exclusive performance, the band toured Canada with Norwegian band Einherjer.

After absonding from the stage to render the band's focus to writing new material, Panzerfaust will be returning to support Nile in Toronto, April 24th.

"vestigia ... nulla retrorsum."



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