Ryder Musselman (Record Release!), Will Skinner, and Clem Wright (members of Wild Couch & Night Animals)- Private Parlor Show (($10 before/$15 day of show))

Ryder Musselman

After years of pseudonymous recordings as "Pious Clapsaddle", Wild Couch's erstwhile banjoman Ryder Musselman finally inhabits his given name for 2017's "Resounding Thud". The album mixes sinus-cleansing saw wails, mossy walls of guitar fuzz, and plaintive picking in a monument to vague ennui. His layered vocals, devotion to the D major chord, and inability to write more than two verses contribute to a unique take on songwriting that brings the banjo out of the woods and into some different woods

Will Skinner

Will Skinner, former soprano choir soloist (at age 15), and current guy who gets called "Ma'am" by every telemarketer, sings, noodles, and toots with Night Animals and Wild Couch. He also sits by himself at computers and twiddles knobs late into the night making solo songs, none of which are anywhere close to being released. Maybe he'll play some of them for you tonight, or maybe he'll just sing a bunch of Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell songs. Either way, this is his first non-campfire solo set, so you assholes better be nice.

Clem Wright

Clem Wright sings and plays guitar in Wild Couch. He flosses regularly, wakes up early, and limits his social media intake. He owns a bicycle, has won a high school soccer championship, and lives in a rent-controlled apartment. Despite all this, or perhaps because of it, he occasionally experiences deep sadness and confusion that usually go away again after awhile.

$10.00 - $15.00


$10 before and $15 day of show online and at the door.

Private Parlor Shows are open to all friends and fans of The Lost Church and the performers.

Seating is first come, first served. We recommend you buy in advance to ensure being a part of the event (parlor shows often sell out), but you can also try purchasing at the door on the night of the show.

Online sales are active until 9:30pm the night of show (unless sold out). You can purchase tickets right at the door using a card via your phone and the above Ticketfly.com link. Old-fashioned cash is also accepted.

Ages 12 and over are welcome. (Parental discretion is advised for some events).

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