Sinners Night Halloween Eve Party w/ LA Drones

L.A. the decoy. Drones, the pieces of the puzzle, and L.A.Drones! (Thieves! in Spanish), because we steal samplers from the music we like!! L.A.Drones! ? It is a sonic experiment that, without abandoning strong electronic rhythm, joins styles such as Electro, KrautRock, Dub, Acid, Space, Noise, never forgetting melody, through the interaction of loops and drones, with the manipulation of these playing live, and effects being squeezed to the extreme. Voices, two synthetizers, effects modules, plus pedals and two mixers combine in order to generate a unique experience, with improvisation as an essential part of the performance.

The Spider Ferns

"If Saturday at the Capitol Hill Block Party was defined by the mountain of local talent that filled the Cha Cha. Sunday could have been most notable for the amount of electronic music that occupied Neumos, including Seattle's The Spider Ferns, whose blend of jittery and ghost-like elements proved to be an excellent antidote to the seemingly-blazing summer sun that occupied much of Sunday. Singer Kelly Fleek was at once enigmatic and bold in her performance, her voice full of volume but her lyrics never quite explaining the evocative scenes she and the bands electronics painted. A sharp, downtempo contrast to both the big tend EDM that dominated much of the adjacent main stage throughout the weekend and the blistering sarcasm-damaged punk that seemed to define the festival's local presence at points, The Spider Ferns' silvery swirl stood out on a day —and too be fair, weekend —where electronic music reigned king." -Jacob Webb, KEXP

Influenced and inspired by the likes of James Blake, Florence Welch and Nina Simone. Described as "cinematic pop for widescreen ears' by Kevin Bronson of Buzz Bands LA, Daniels voice and style of songwriting garnered quick recognition in the North Bay music scene when he began in 2005. The band currently resides in downtown Los Angeles



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