Strange Eclipse

Strange Eclipse

"The band members of Strange Eclipse all reside in the suburban town of Roxbury, NJ. Through their shared love of music, they became friends during freshman year of High School. They all knew that in time they would form a band. In mid 2016 the sun and moon came together to form Strange Eclipse. With the band blending the influences of Deal Casino, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Gary Clark Jr. and Guns N Roses they intend to share their take on rock and roll with the world."

Galactus Cactus

New Jersey rock trio exploring the inner and outer depths of our relative space and time.

The Break Lights

The Break Lights are a four-piece alternative rock band from New Jersey influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Wilco, Radiohead, and Spoon. Singer-songwriters Michael Saiewitz and Jake Roggenkamp harmoniously blend their unique voices and write interesting songs that range from self-reflective ballads to upbeat rock. Their guitar work reflects this complexity as Jake plays confident rhythm guitar and Michael adds thoughtful lead guitar on top. Raaj Shah lays down bold basslines and Ryan Minieri unites the instrumentation with colorful drums. The Break Lights perform in intimate venues in New Jersey and New York City. The band has released two self-produced EPs: "Ladies" in 2014 and "Knockout" in 2015.

The Few and Far

At the dawn of time, a primordial ooze flowed forth from the raw, churning powers of the molten earth. This primeval sludge hurled itself from the mindless ether into the maddening pain of existence. Millions of years of careful, painstaking evolution have led that being to this moment in time. We are the result.



$10 in advance, or $12 cash at the door. 

$5 Food & Beverage Minimum collected in cash at door for ages under 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant. 

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