The Anti-Queens + Jesse Roper + Moon Tan + Horta Project + RUIN + SLENDER + Unchained

The Anti-Queens are four friends from Toronto who write and perform rock 'n' roll rongs with a hint of punk/grunge... Or as they more easily describe their band "8 tits with some instruments".

Consisting of Emily Bones on lead vocals/guitar, Mary Deth on bass/ vocals, Valerie Knox on guitar/vocals and Dallas Conte on drums.


THE UNCHAINED is a high energy, instrumental progressive rock band. They have been a showcase Indie Week band for 4 consecutive years. Their music is a heavy blend of Dream Theater meets Guns 'N' Roses, a truly unique experience. THE UNCHAINED is a must see live band during Indie Week 2017.

RUIN is a thrash metal band from Portland Maine USA. Staring in 2005, with brothers Richard and Craig Carey, RUIN quickly became a local music sensation. Their newest and self-released album, Rite of Passage, only further exemplifies the band’s precision, articulate expression and discipline, in their pursuit of no-holds-barred thrash metal. With influences that range from: Pantera, Anthrax, Sepultura, Meshuggah, and Metallica, RUIN has developed their own original brand of thrash metal. Taking their idols sense of groove, soaring leads, and in your face vocals as inspiration to craft their own unique sound. RUIN have been forging their craft since 2005, having released three full lengths and have shared the stage with Strapping Young Lad, Soulfly, God Forbid, and Fear Factory, and many more. RUIN is rounded out by Todd Bidwell (Bass) and Kevin Whitman (Guitar) who each help magnify the sonic force that Richard and Craig envisioned. RUIN’s latest release “Rite of Passage” has seen RUIN’s fan base grow beyond their home town and has caused them to start touring on an international level.

Victoria BC's Jesse Roper is magnetic. "I was mesmerized by his energy. It [is]raw and it just draws you in." - Dylan Willows (Festival Promoter). With an explosive live show, the genuine quality and charisma of his versatile blues rooted soul, rock and country funk is as approachable as his charm. Quickly gaining momentum, the wheels on Jesse's faithful van keep turning, chronicling a year of extensive touring and success of becoming a major festival draw.
The nostalgic may appreciate his throw back vibe akin to Stevie Ray Vaughan and vintage Texas blues, however, Jesse Roper's music remains current, the organic rawness of his vocals and guitar over shadowing any preconceived stereotypes made of blues musicians. His youthful energy captivates audiences while his knock out live performance blows them away.
With a critically acclaimed full length album (Son of John) under his belt, Jesse Roper is releasing his highly anticipated sophomore, Red Bird, early 2015 with Blue Heron/Warner. Without losing the sentimental and vintage authenticity of blues, the new album is blazing its own path in the music scene not unlike modern yet retro influenced musicians such as the Black Keys and Jack White. An exporting artist with a solid team, a major radio campaign and a non-stop touring itinerary, Jesse Roper's career is rapidly gaining strength, quickly becoming a staple on modern rock radio.
Starting the guitar at six years old, Jesse soon mastered songs of heroes like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin by ear. Battling with stage fright, he was thrown out onto the stage with sweaty palms and a queasy stomach which was quickly overshadowed by the audience's overwhelmingly positive reaction. Incapable of holding back, Jesse always delivers the show of his life whether it be headlining at major festivals in front of thousands of fans such as Sunfest, Rifflandia and Rock the Shores, or touring across the country during his residency as a CN rail musician. Jesse has shared the stage with many great artists, awards have been won, but his musical existence is more than that; it is purely about performing, touring and loving it until the day he joins that great jam session in the sky.

Energetic. Funky. Progressive. Vintage. Rock n' Roll. These are a just few elements that have forged together to create a unique yet very familiar sound, one that is cleverly harnessed by Winnipeg's newest power trio known as Moon Tan.

Initially drawn together as a cover band, it wasn't long before the group discovered their natural talent for creating catchy melodies and grooves. The trio –consisting of drummer Nicholas Kula, Guitarist Brady Mitchell and Bassist Adrian Dyer– soon amassed a large catalogue of instrumental material, but this music demanded a voice. After hunting throughout the city in search of a front man, Adrian decided to take the torch and undergo vigorous vocal training. The group hasn't looked back since.

Very active in Winnipeg's nightlife scene, Moon Tan never fails to turn heads during their dynamic live performances. What truly makes this sound unique is the technical expertise intertwined in their eclectic and electric sets. With funky, driving bass lines that lift you from your seats, beastly-intricate drum beats that draw you to the dance floor, piercing vocals and soaring-melodic guitar licks cleverly woven into the mix, this power trio packs a punch. "We enjoy dabbling in unconventional time signatures while still maintaining a common sound ground with our audience," says front man Adrian Dyer. "Whether you're into dance tunes or math rock, we'll have a little something to catch your ear." This is evident on Moon Tan's track "Medieval Dance", which lures you in as it transforms from a dance pop number into a psychedelic, jazzy breakdown, and then ties back neatly together at the end.

Instrumental Rock trio that is now preparing to launches their latest production the live recording, Anatomy of Sound. This ten track piece features a unique visual experience with video mapping, interactive performances and contemporary dance.

SLENDER is a rock band based in Montreal, Canada. On August 30, 2016, SLENDER released their first single and music video off of their debut album 'Revival'. The album launch took place at Montreal’s own Petit Campus on September 28, 2016. They are an energetic live band who surprises audiences with their large rock sound and catchy songs. All five members combined with over 25 years of music experience, their accomplishments include over 300 live shows, television performances, two recording contracts, 10 albums, national tours, large festival performances and contest wins.

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