Hurricane Harvey Relief Show

Hurricane Harvey Relief Show

"As the floodwaters recede, the full extent of Harvey’s toll is only beginning to emerge. Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas said the recovery costs might exceed those of Hurricane Katrina, which caused more than $100 billion in damage." -New York Times

We're asking for a donation of $15-30 at the door. [$20 online] All money will go to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Bison Bone

Bison Bone is a working class cosmic country band from Denver, CO. Roots music coupled with a dark country feel, that give way to a sound blending psychedelic rock and americana splash. They have shared the stage with the Corb Lund, American Aquarium, The Damn Quails, Midnight River Choir, Roses Pawn Shop, Susto, Goodnight Texas and The 4onthefloor to name a few. Featuring Courtney Whitehead (Vocals, Guitar), Brianna Straut (Vocals, Harmonica), Erik Rudnick (Pedal Steel/Guitar), Brad Wright (Bass), Ari Rubinstein (Drums).

Tomahawk Fox

Coming off of a landslide victory in the Westword Best of the West competition, Americana folk rockers Tomahawk Fox are embarking on an action-packed year with gigs all over Colorado, and the release of their first full-length album this Spring.

The highly anticipated album - Forms - has consumed the band over the last year and a half, while they still managed to play more than 20 shows across Denver and the front range, including sell-out gigs in Winter Park, Fort Collins, Boulder, and Steamboat Springs - and a showcase at SXSW. Recorded at Scanhope Sound and produced by Joe Michaels, the album features guitarists/vocalists Brianna Straut and Michael Clayton, with bassist Zach Lewis and drummer Joel Scanlon.

A band born of BBQ’s and songs sung between friends, Brianna and Mike’s simple recipe for folking hard and dancing even harder, grew to include longtime friend Zach’s finger lickin’ bass lines, and Joel’s deep fried drumsticks. Denver music blogger Bearcules touts, “if you have even one romantic nerve ending in your body, you will fall head over heals for this band.”


“Masterful at containing the true dynamic nature of emotions. At once, sad and joyful, yearning and fulfilled. Which element stands out strongest depends on your mood. This is beautiful, masterfully crafted, skillfully performed music..” HEY REVERB

Staci Foster, Tobias Bank (Papagoya, Von Stomper), and Alysia Kraft (Patti Fiasco) are on the same wavelength of intentionality. Catharsis is the point of the songs but the tools to get there vary. With Bank on drums, Foster swapping between guitar, harmonica, and banjo, and Kraft playing electric guitar, they’re in their element with raw, authentic, stripped-down performances that nod to icons Neil Young and Lucinda Williams. There is spirituality steeped in the country backdrops they write from and a deep reverence for the landscapes that raised them. A balance of grace and grit is written as much into their worldview as their songs.

Recorded at GPM Studio in Fort Collins and co-produced by Tallgrass, their debut album contains six- stick-to-heart tracks that earned them 2016 nominations for Wyoming Public Radio and the Colorado Playlists’ Best Albums of the Year. Culture Trip named them to the female edition of 50 Musicians You Need to Know from Each State. In their first ten months as a band, they’ve shared stages with Lydia Loveless, Colin Hay, and Old Crow Medicine Show, and will perform at this year’s Treefort Music Festival.

Samuel Edgar Band

Samuel Edgar is based in Denver, Colorado. Our music is about life, about being human in an inhuman world. It's about rock and roll.

Montropo brings a unique, folk pop sound featuring the music and lyrics of Andrés Diaz. Andrés began writing songs in Austin before moving to Denver, where he has further developed his own particular guitar and vocal style. The last few years of writing and recording have culminated in Montropo’s debut album, “Follow Me”, available on BandCamp and iTunes.

Wolf van Elfmand

Wolf van Elfmand is an American songwriter and performer based out of Denver, CO. Wolf begun his career in Brooklyn, NY in 2009 when he collaborated with producer Cedar Apffel on his self titled EP. Since then van Elfmand has released 3 full length albums, "Magic to the Lonely" "Wolf Sings" and "The Death of" which span from finger-picking blues to eerie operatic compositions. He is currently completing his latest project, "Real Wolf" produced with Dango Rose of Elephant Revival. Wolf maintains a truly unique style in songwriting while continuing to pay homage to American classics such as Roy Orbison and Mississippi John Hurt. Quirky songs are enhanced by compelling lyrics, witty banter, and disarming charm. Leaving the audience member not sure if they should laugh, or listen.

Betsy Lay

Betsy's music is singer/songwriter based, slightly indie-folk, slightly its own category of things you've probably thought about writing songs about but haven't been able to. From presidents to planets and everywhere in between, this is your personal guarantee that you've never heard music like this before.

Betsy has been (delightfully) compared to Kimya Dawson/The Moldy Peaches on the regular. You can catch her playing around Denver - or be great and book her music for your next birthday/child's birthday/wedding/funeral?/dance party.

Jenny LaJoye

I'm a pop folk singer/songwriter from Hastings, MI. Now I live in Denver, CO. In between those two places was a small stint in Sacramento, CA.

I was raised by two high school music conductors, and although my 5 siblings and I together make an oddly functional band of professional musicians with wildly different tastes, being musical in our family was always a side effect - never a requirement. We've each managed to put an individual spin on our jazzy, musical theatery, classical upbringing.

The way I expressed my individualism was by giving up violin lessons cold turkey in college (after 15 years of private lessons!) and getting a religion degree instead. And now I'm in grad school for theology and adamantly insisting that my pissed-off, faith-filled and faithless, irreverent, and overeducated thoughts about the divine and the human experience belong on the stage. And in my voice. And in my fingers on a guitar and a piano and sometimes...on my violin.

I'm mostly trying to write and sing songs that make sense to me and hopefully help other humans make sense of themselves and this totally fucked up and beautiful world.

I love dancing but really suck at it. I love having written something, and sometimes enjoy writing it. I love the stage and the microphone and being able to be loud without anyone telling me to shush and being able to be quiet and feeling like everyone is right there with me. I love singing, and I love especially when the sound people make me sound better in the monitors than I ever do in my head.

I'm about to head into the studio for my second full-length album, and I'm pretty foolishly excited about it. Except that there are a lot of people playing and working with me on this one, and that feels precarious, but it's probably good to challenge my control issues and trust other people.

I'm a lot less sure of myself than I usually sound, and I should usually be more sure of myself than I am.

I'm beyond grateful for the people who listen. And for you.


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