Felix Da Housecat

American electronic artist, producer and DJ born August 27, 1971 in Chicago, Illinois.

He ran the labels Radikal Fear & Thee Blak Label in conjunction with Play It Again Sam Records. These labels ended due to a conflict over artist development, and Felix started Clashbackk Recordings. He launched Founders Of Filth in 2017.

House Music DJ & Producer from Chicago, USA
Founder & Owner of Farris Wheel Recordings

Eyes Everywhere

Kyle and Brian have been playing video games together since they were designated college roommates in 2008. In their downtime, they discovered that they both grew up playing classical and jazz music. They also discovered that they were the only two at school who liked the music they were DJing at local house parties.

Five years and thousands of studio hours later, things have changed. After opening for many of their heroes and releasing several genres of music under different names, they have booty, bass and house releases forthcoming on Fool’s Gold Records and Worthy’s Anabatic Records.

Brian and Kyle appreciate the special things in life, whether it be a cold, refreshing beer on a hot summer day, a cold, refreshing beer at church or a 2 week old skunked beer found under the dresser when money is tight.

While not in the studio, the boys enjoy watching the Buffalo Bills, performing acapella versions of Drake songs and throwing dice in the alley.

Steve Gerard

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