Sean Kiely (10:00), Em & The Fates (9:00), Brendan Hines (8:00)

Brendan Hines

Singer/Songwriter and actor Brendan Hines (The Tick, Suits, Scandal, Lie To Me) pens post-love songs, insult ballads, and clever couplets catchy enough to be mistaken for sweet. His wry commentaries and overheard stories of heartbreak, isolation, excess, and humor are often compared to John Prine and Elvis Costello. The son of an erstwhile priest and nun turned philosophy professors, Brendan was raised in Baltimore, moved to New York and then Los Angeles; the pitch and roll of these three cities feature prominently in his lyrics. Hines' first album, Good for You Know Who, was ten tracks of earnest, ear-wormy, alt-folk pith and vinegar. In 2012 he toured the U.S. with folk duo The Milk Carton Kids and released his second album, Small Mistakes. It marked the debut of a quieter, more contemplative side to Hines' songs, with spare and haunting production by singer/songwriter David Poe and composer/producer Al Sgro. In the immediate aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, under the influence of a supermoon in the Joshua Tree desert, Hines and producers David Poe & Al Sgro assembled three other musicians and recorded the new album QUALMS. Angry, lyrically urgent and more vulnerable than anything Hines has done in the past, QUALMS is alternately a driving, sardonic rocker; a witty, pop throwback; and a lush, philosophical musing.

Sean Kiely

Jersey City singer-songwriter Sean Kiely’s latest record Your Logo, My Logo (2015) is an intimate collection of songs examining lyrical themes of love, confusion, death, and awe within our modern American culture. Your Logo, My Logo features intricate folk and bluegrass-influenced guitar playing by Kiely, and the orchestral upright bass playing of Bobby McCullough.

No Depression writes that Your Logo, My Logo is “one of those sublime and unassuming efforts that sneaks up on you until you find it won’t let go.”

A split 7” with Jeff Taylor is due early 2017, and a new EP “It Sure Was Good!” is slated for release later in the year.

Em & the Fates

Led by dynamic front-woman Emily Kron, Em & The Fates is a New York-based septet delivering soulful three-part harmonies while fusing the best of soul-fuNK, motown and R&B. With a sound invoking at one moment The Supremes and the next a twist of Amy Winehouse with a touch of Freddie Mercury, Em & The Fates is a stylistic throwback with a feminist lens, rooted in contemporary lyrics & themes, addressing questions of identity, gender, spirituality, heartbreak and self-love.



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