Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase 2017 Kick-Off Concert at The Colony

Shine Delphi

Shine Delphi is a modern-day troubadour traveling through this world with a resonator guitar and a few words to share. Born in Pennsylvania, raised in California, and rebirthed in the crescent city of New Orleans, this wandering minstrel is an act that will leave you feeling good and wanting more. From his technical ability on the guitar to his simple yet touching lyrics, he is an act that spans many genres and all ages. Oh yeah, and there's also that laugh... you can't forget that!

Antoine Dufour

37-year-old Montreal, Canada based guitarist Antoine Dufour is known colloquially among the best guitar players in the world as a musician’s musician. To fans of popular music, he deftly combines jaw-dropping guitar playing skills and an artistic soul in crafting instrumental compositions that reflect ambient and progressive music that transcends global cultures and languages. That he does this in an incredibly visual and entertaining style has endeared him to a broad spectrum of fans of popular music.

Tim Farrell

Tim Farrell is an award-winning musician, composer and educator whose music and performances transcend genres as they celebrate the pure beauty of the acoustic guitar. His music is heard on broadcast, internet and satellite radio, TV, films, in-flight audio, etc. He has shared audiences with Les Paul, George Benson, Jean Luc Ponty, Rick Wakeman and more. Tim’s most recent album Cascadia was named Best of Echoes. He won Best Instrumental in the International Acoustic Music Awards for compositional and performance excellence. Tim is a unique musician who has the ability to entertain an audience and inspire future generations of players.

Adam Miller

“It takes an impossibly gifted player to improvise independent melodies, harmonies, and bass lines all at the same time - while maintaining an impeccable groove. Australia’s Adam Miller is one such rare phenomenon.”- Premier Guitar Magazine
With a completely unique approach to the guitar, Adam's music is groovy and approachable, whilst having a melodic sophistication that only comes from years of cross genre hopping. His tendency to include complex rhythms, dissonant haunting phrases, combined with breathtaking riffs and melodies are his signature. His jazz influenced style with finger-picking mastery creates an improvisation filled live performance that is beautifully unpredictable.

Kinloch Nelson

Kinloch Nelson has been playing guitar for fun since 1956, seriously since 1968 and professionally since 1973. Born in 1950, Nelson grew up during the tail end of the big band jazz era, the high point of the Broadway-to-the-movies musicals, the blooming of TV with its youth-focused American Bandstand and similar programs, the heyday of AM top 40 radio and the beginning of "underground" anything-goes FM radio. The ever-expanding music landscape in these years served as the backdrop to Nelson's guitar explorations, and the foundation of a decades-long performance career playing folk, classical, R and B, surf, rock, country, ragtime, American primitive, new-age, and jazz music in bands, ensembles, and as a solo performer/composer/arranger. Nelson has been reviewed in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine, contributed to Acoustic Guitar Magazine, performed for NPR TV and radio, and recorded for Heartland Records, BKNjr Records, and Sampler Records. Teaching credits include 25 years at Hochstein Music School in /Rochester NY, and 4 years at Maryland Summer Center for The Arts. An amateur luthier as well Nelson got hooked on guitar festivals in 2004 and has since participated in the Healdsburg, Montreal, Newport, Miami, Santa Barbara and Woodstock Guitars Festivals, performing featured concerts and conducting workshops.

Macyn Taylor

Macyn Taylor is an accomplished guitar player and singer. She is 22 years old and has recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Masters in Music Performance degree. Macyn’s guitar playing has been heard around the world through YouTube, with her YouTube site having nearly 2 million views. She has competed in many guitar competitions and has won many, including the 2013 Wilson Center International Guitar Competition. Macyn was recently given an award for Most Promising New Talent by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. She was also named the 2013 WAMI Folk/Celtic performer of the year.

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