F. Woods tucks songwriting and storytelling into a bed of punk rock, folk-lore, surf-math, western twang, jazz guitar, and whatever else he feels like cramming in there at any given point. If the characters in his songs ever came to life, they'd probably tie him to a chair and take turns backhanding his face while passing around a jar of grain alcohol. He tends to put them in bizarre, often sinister situations allowing nature to take its course. It's fine. They're not real... Funny thing about folk. It doesn't take much work to make it punk. With that in mind, he and his new line up The Fellow Humans are spicing up his 2015 folk album "Found on Road Dead" by making it louder, faster, and a lot more angry. They're also throwing in some new tunes and maybe a classic punk cover or two. Download the album below and keep your ears peeled for a new one in 2018.


Luke Halloween is a singer-songwriter and lyricist that plays in Teenage Halloween and does solo acoustic material regarding gender identity, radical politics, and a hate for a binary world. From roots in Asbury Park and New Brunswick, NJ, they have many associations to the basement scene that are put into a lot of the content of the songs and lyrics. Now a Philadelphia resident, they have a new approach to folk music that is more pop based and less yelly!


Delaware’s premier acoustic dork-rock power duo. This entertaining, award-winning duo from Delaware features Jill Knapp’s powerhouse vocals, Matt Casarino’s furious acoustic guitar work, and a fist-pumpin’, rockin’, dorky-fun live show. Many songs from their critically-acclaimed albums (The Big Reveal, 39 Summers, Hot Breakfast!) have been played on terrestrial, internet, and satellite stations. Equally comfortable performing at festivals (SXSW 2014-2016, Flipside, Burning Man), punk dives, folk clubs, and house concerts, they’ve melted the faces off audiences across America with their playful, punky, inclusive performances. See for yourself why they’ve won Homey Awards for Best Live Act, Best Lead Singer, Best Songwriter and more…and you too will be fist-pumping along with HOT BREAKFAST!

JT Habersaat & The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour

A native New Yorker currently calling Austin, Texas home, JT Habersaat has headlined and curated the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour since its inception in 2008, averaging 130+ shows per year. He is currently signed to Stand Up! Records. His Altercation Tour album 'Hostile Corporate Takeover' was released on vinyl in 2013, featuring cover art by Raymond Pettibon (Black Flag, Sonic Youth), and his one-hour comedy special 'Misanthrope' shot to #2 on the Itunes Top 200 Comedy Charts upon its release in August 2016. His most recent album is a limited edition vinyl split with Mishka Shubaly, also released in 2017 by Stand Up! Records and Grammy-winning executive producer Dan Schlissel.

JAY CHANOINE (New Hampshire)
Jay Chanoine is a comedian who's been featured across the east coast as well as on the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour and opening for national acts like Myq Kaplan. His debut comedy album, Come On Feel Chanoine is on iTunes and Amazon.

and special guest...
JOSH MACHIZ (Philadelphia)
Josh Machiz plays upright bass for TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb. As a comedian, his material is killer, his deadpan is dry, and his Dodge Caravan is reliable. Make sure you grab his band's new album "Dancing Out the Door" coming out the same day as this show!

$10.00 - $12.00


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