The Normal Living

The Normal Living

The sounds of rock and roll, modern rock, dance rock, 60s girl groups, pop, and Americana inspire the hearts and minds of New Jersey’s TNL. From NJ on the edges of NYC, the band blends urban ideas and images with rock and roll, Americana, and folk-rock sounds, while summoning the fun yet earnest spirit of garage rock. With singer-songwriter roots and bar-band beginnings, their influences are eclectic, ranging from Carole King to Springsteen, U2 to Arcade Fire, and Fleetwood Mac and Heart to Patty Griffin and the Dixie Chicks, helping to carry on the story of American rock and roll songwriting in the millennial age.

TNL celebrates the release of Signals at Maxwell's on February 25th at Maxwell's. In a polarizing and emotional cultural era, Signals calls forth a vision of American identity that is sustained through imagination, creativity, and the trials of love. Embodying the fighting human spirit, the characters in Signals battle demons and try to become fully self-expressed, while taking a stand about the kind of world they want to live in. The album ultimately embodies the notion that through music, you can imagine, and create, the world you want. And we need that now more than ever.

Josh Yavneh & The Culprits

Josh Yavneh is a singer/songwriter from and currently living in New York. His music is an eclectic mix of blues, rock, folk, country, and other genres. He has a wide range of influences. His biggest music heroes are Dylan, Neil Young, John Fogerty, Howlin Wolf, Otis Redding, and Johnny Cash ("Lots of bands too...I like a lot of stuff so a lot of it becomes influence on the tunes," says Yavneh). He began performing shows in the NYC area with bands as bassist and/or rhythm guitar when he was 17 years old.

If you love Dylan/Neil-tinged songwriting mixed with "real deal" rock and roll, Yavneh's music is right up your alley. "Imagine John Fogerty fronting Pearl Jam," says Yavneh, "something like that...sometimes."

Founded in 2014, the five-piece group has spread their sound as far away on tour as Iowa, and much of that impermanence of a band on the road -- they playfully describe themselves as "roadhouse chic" -- made it onto record. The allure of Lowlight lies in its sum, not its parts. Dana Sellers' synth fills add a lushness that the production could not live without, but just when her simple dronings become a bit tedious, like on the album's winning track "Bones," Derrill Sellers' bright, grooving guitar swoops in to give us something new, and to play fresh partner to Renee Maskin's measured vocal performance. Her nasal tone and knowing, lilting, whispering delivery reminds of Jenny Lewis, or even Gwen Stefani at times, and like Lewis, Maskin spins her stories always from a place of calm -- when Maskin sings about dirt, dust and lines in the road, she convinces us that she's done her time on the highway.



Tickets will also be available at the door for $10 if space permits, however, advanced purchase is always recommended.

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