Comic vs. Comic

Comic vs. Comic

Comic vs Comic is a 60-90 minute show styled after the roast battle and roastmasters shows that are taking place in New York and LA. The show is hosted by Sean Sullivan.Each month, we invite three judges (special guests, comedians working the club that weekend, city favorites) who will judge each fight and ultimately declare a winner who gets bragging rights and becomes eligible to come back for future shows as a judge or defending champ.

The show consists of three main fights and a warmup fight.

Each fight is between an invited comedian and whomever they challenge to face off against.

The first round of each fight gives each comic 60 seconds to intro themselves by sounding off on the host, the scorekeeper, the judges, whatever. The spirit of the show is a roast so jokes are going to be flying and very little will be off-limits. The winner of the first round gets 50 points.

The second round of each fight is the two contestants going back and forth with 5 jokes. The judges decided a winner and that comic gets 50 points.

The third round gives each comic 60 seconds to go all-in on the other comic. The winner of this round gets a 100 points. If there's a tie, they go to a sudden death joke off where they drop their best roast joke about themselves.



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