The Promise Hero, Sleepy Limbs, selfhelpme

The Promise Hero

The Promise Hero is an American rock band located in Cleveland, OH and is the brainchild of Bobby Vaughn. The band was conceived in 2006 and instantly gained notoriety by demoing songs with Chris Conley from Saves The Day. Chicago-based TDR Records (Punchline, July, Barely Blind) signed the band and quickly thereafter The Promise Hero released ‘Wait For The Sun’ on October 28, 2008. The debut full-length was produced by Jamie Woolford (The Stereo, Animal Chin). Woolford also produced the band’s latest full-length, ‘Deja Vu’, which was released on August 13, 2013.

Sleepy Limbs

After playing in a few other bands together (You, Me, and Everyone We Know, Bright and Early, and Ben Roth Band) we have Sleepy Limbs. A musical project that liberates the melodies and whispers from our collective ether. Takes them out of our bodies, and into your brain, down your spine, and into your heart, to swim around like a half fish half flower, blooming in your soul with scales red and blue.


selfhelpme is the indie-folk studio project from guitarist, JD Perry. He is currently supporting his latest album, "the road," out now on Know Hope Records.

Pat Llewellyn & the Parade

The best parades are momentous occasions, celebrations showcasing superlative entertainment. Spectators become seduced, transformed, and, most of all, adrenalized, by energetic music. The rock & roll parade—namely, Pat Llewellyn and The Parade—is in full swing and coming to a stage near you. Featuring Pat Llewellyn (vocals/guitar), Steve Pultz (guitar/vocals), Mike Bell (bass), Nick Pultz (drums), and Dan Rodriguez (lead guitar), this parade is Jersey’s most sought-after and revered.
Because of the quintet’s fast-growing reputation, the rock & roll club scene is abuzz. The Parade, dazzling audiences on tour, is unmatched in terms of song selection and stage prowess. Classily dressed, hip, and performing balanced, electrifying sets, Pat Llewellyn and The Parade embody sheer power, showmanship, and a refined sound. Whether supporting or headlining, this veteran ensemble has made a habit of stealing the show. Join the fun. Behold the Parade.

Alex O'Brien




$8 in advance, or $10 cash at the door

$5 Food & Beverage minimum collected in cash at door for all guests under the age of 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant.

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Stanhope House - Main Stage