Good news, Rudies, Punks and Skins, Mephiskapheles are returning to New Haven, Saturday December 16th to perform at Cafe NIne. The band who invented the devilish, whimsical MTV- and radio-friendly genre of Satanic Ska, debut Satanic Debris on the Classic third-wave Skanarchy complication, released by Elevator Music in the early 90's, then defied critics by exploring even greater possibilities for their darkly original ska fusion. Formed in the East Village of New York City in early 1991 by a group of artists, ad-agency employees, and jazz musicians, Mephiskapheles played their first show on Long Island, and from day one began attracting a diverse, dedicated fan base. Flash-forward to today; and with Satanic Ska being, without a doubt, the genre of music most relevant to our current times. Lead singer Invidious aka the Nubian Nightmare, along with the hottest rhythm section in New York, and the Horns of Hell, spreads its evil seed with an ongoing epic shows, and new music that will take you straight to hell.

The Devil finally gets his due with the formation of Mephiskapheles, the world’s first satanic ska band, and the release of the group’s debut full-length, God Bless Satan. Devil worshipers they may well be, and who can blame them — since it’s obvious that Satan has all the best songs, as this album (13 tracks long, of course) proves. But those who might imagine this as a dread-filled set — awash in gothic atmospheres or, conversely, a metal hybrid that sacrifices to the likes of Black Sabbath — are in for a surprise. Only the Phantom of the Opera-esque intro to “Eskamoes” hints at the former, while nothing within suggests the latter. Instead, the band delivers an album of mostly upbeat, ska-based skankers, flush with brass and brimming with good times. Drenched with irresistible melodies, infectious choruses (just try not to sing along with “Saba”), and exhilarating instrumentals, Mephiskapheles are destined to be party favorites. However, wallflowers will be content to stay off the dancefloor and concentrate on the fabulous musicianship, for the brass players obviously sold their souls to sound so tight and unleash such phenomenal solos, while the exuberant rhythm section and jubilant keyboardist’s salvation are equally in doubt. Regardless, Mephiskapheles are having such a grand time from the get-go that it’s clear damnation doesn’t faze them one bit. However, like their 2-Tone progenitors, most of the lyrics are downbeat, many painting vivid vignettes of clashes, emotional crashes, and “Doomsday” flashes. There’s humor as well, from the Oscar Meyer bologna jingle that’s tucked into the band’s “Mephiskapheles” theme song to their jubilant version of “The Bumble Bee Tuna Song.” Lead singer the Nubian Nightmare is true to his name, shifting genres before one’s ears, impossible to pin down stylistically, but always the consummate performer and entertainer. Moving far beyond 2-Tone and owing little to Jamaica’s originators, Mephiskapheles have carved out their own musical niche, ska-based and brass-led with unbeatable melodies. You’ll be thanking Satan, too.

The Screw-Ups

The Screw-Ups are a four-man Ska/Reggae/Punk band out of Newtown, CT and Boston, MA. Playing music together since high school, they now play shows all over New England. Citing influences like The Slackers, The Aggrolites, Stevie Wonder, Toots and the Maytals, Sublime, and RHCP, The Screw-Ups have continued on to form a solid sound and play a diverse array of original and cover material.

The Royal Swindle

The Royal Swindle is an 8 piece SKA/REGGAE/SOUL band from Southern Connecticut. A "Connecticut Ska All-Star Band" featuring former members of The Stepbacks, Flip Ya For Real and Sgt. Scagnetti, The Royal Swindle fuses the classic sounds of 60s R&B with ska and reggae. Comprised of a full rhythm section, 3-piece horn section and 3 vocalists, The Royal Swindle performs songs by artists such as Hepcat, Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, The Specials, Laurel Aitken, The Honey Cone and some more "rare" Bob Marley songs. The Royal Swindle is known for their "song mash-ups" fusing "Monkey Man" by The Specials and "Pressure Drop" by Toots and The Maytals. The Royal Swindle is also known for their brilliant crafting of energetic set lists that keeps the audience moving, so bring your dancing shoes!



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