James Bigfoot Scott

Mr. Bigfoot is one of the top comedians working today.James has been on TV and film as well as Headlining the top comedy Venues in the Country. From Cleveland,Ohio now living in Las Vegas at 6ft 3 inches James carries a 250lb frame and stands in 15 shoes. Next, he is a Mountain of a man with a sense of humor to match. He is often referred to as the Gentle Giant. James, Material is pretty main stream and certainly Hilarious and has been Headlining for 10 years. James journey was a rough road to stardom from losing his mom to Breast cancer a loss of a Basketball teammate in college to murder surviving the economy and his car got stolen back in June 05 while doing a comedy tour on the road and by the grace of God he got it back. Next, his career is starting to grow and he is enjoying his journey. James got his start in a comedy club as a security/ usher while getting stage time and attending a police academy during the day in the spring of 1999 James decided to continue doing Stand Up comedy and during his career got great advice from Gallagher, Rocky Laporte, Carl Labove Outlaws of Comedy, George Wallace, Kenny Rogerson, Louie Anderson, Vinnie Favorito, Mike Veneman, Comedy 101 workshop and many more…

Alex Koolaid Ansel

Within a year of Circuit City Closing down, Alex Ansel went from selling TV’s to being on TV. A Lifelong clown, Born in Texas just to spend the first 10 years of his life in Germany. He then spent his adolescence in various air conditioned buildings perfecting his videogame high scores. A Nerd of Texas size proportions, it was in Middle School where he was christened with the Nickname KOOLAID. Figuring there were worse nicknames to get, he stuck with it ever since. Alex’s appeal is wider than most, He’s a Fat guy from a Hispanic City, that dresses like rapper, has 2 Dads that are married....to each other and family in the Military. It is all these experiences that Alex aka KOOLAID draws from and helped him win his first Comedy Competition in 2010 with the Title “Funniest Person in South Texas”. He is the youngest comedian to have won the Title. Alex has appeared on CBS, NBC and FOX. Recently Alex has performed at the 2012 Boston Comedy Festival and won RAWartists "Performer of the Year" in San Antonio. What does Alex want to accomplish throughout all this? To live up to his namesake of KOOLAID by putting smiles on faces and getting people to say “Oh Yeah”.



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