NÉONHÈART, Hawk Percival & Friends, Charly & Faust

With haunting ethereal vocals that sounds like Ellie Goulding meets Daughter, NÉONHÈART incorporates heavy synth textures and electronic drum beats to create their own unique sound. The duo formed when Canadian singer/songwriter, Christina O'Connor met Chinese songwriter/producer HAOO in Los Angeles, CA. After the release of their debut EP Awakening and numerous EDM features NÉONHÈART has made a name for themselves in the indie scene. With much more on the horizon they are gearing up to release their new single Prison Break. With heavy hitting drums and tribally vocal samples the song takes on more of an aggressive tone of struggle and breakthrough that’ll sure to have to dancing along at the same time. Prison Break is set to be released September 15th and is sure to be a wild fire you won’t want to sleep on.

Hawk Percival & Friends

An eclectic amalgamation of classic rock and emotions that can not be explained, with a lyrical style reminiscent of Cat Stevens and a sad time in one's life; complimented by instrumentation inspired by The 70's and Outer Space.

The Hawk believes that sound is an emotional experience and a union of the elements, using music as a tool for connection.

Charly & Faust

A solid mix of psychedelia infused by blues brings the unique sound of Charly&Faust to the stage. Fronted by two French female vocalists, the multi-ethnic band performs heart touching ballads telling stories from love to heartbreak.

Initially introduced to each other in Paris, France, both Charly and Faust decided to join forces and recruit the band’s current line up after deciding to relocate to Hollywood, California to attend Musicians Institute in 2016.

Charly’s old school punk and blues influences give the band a touch of reality in her guitar playing as Faust takes the sound to a more psychedelic path with her soothing voice. Coralie Hervé is a powerhouse on the drums with groovy Eric Reymond on the bass, both being the backbone of the band’s music. Nathan Lorber adds the perfect elements with his keyboard playing and Jefferson Fichou surfs his guitar to give the unique sound to the band.

The band combine folk, psychedelic, and native American styles.


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