The Dreadnoughts

The Dreadnoughts got started in 2006 at a pub spitting distance from Main & Hastings... so it's only fitting that we put on a weekend of music near where it all began to celebrate our 10-year anniversary!

TWO nights, TWO shows, that is all you need to know. It will be an amalgamation of our past 10 years of choreography perfected at The Rickshaw, Pub 340, Media Club, Buffalo Club, Marine Club, Anza Club, Balmoral, Wise Hall, Pats Pub, Funkies, Sweatshop etc ....

Stay tuned for more announcements as in traditional Dreadnoughsts fashion, we are still working out the details.

Join us for one evening only or COMMIT to two days of mayhem.

Raygun Cowboys

Psychobilly from Edmonton.

Still Spirits

Folk-punk from Vancouver.



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