Mark Evans as seen on Comedy Central

Atlanta native, Mark Evans, has spent his entire life in the south. His "Southern...not stupid" tour has been taking clubs by storm all across the country and at the same time, erasing the myth that all southerners are a bunch of inbred pig farmers! Mark brings a perfect blend of humor and sarcasm which points out the lighter side of the dumb things we see and hear every day. As he puts it, "We all either cause, or suffer from these random acts of stupidity! The humor is in finding out which one of these two categories we fall into." His fresh approach not only leaves them laughing in the aisles, but hopefully a little bit wiser!

A.Z. says that the proudest thing in comedy is everywhere he has ever performed, he has been invited back.
He is high energy on stage and watching him makes everyone feel better about themselves because he makes you wonder just how in the world does he get by in life ???

His comedy is very clean and he had worked in clubs for over 30 years before ever setting foot on stage although he wanted to be a comic since the age of 7 after spending each year in the Catskills and the Poconos, but he couldn’t bear hearing his voice on anyone’s sound system.

A.Z. is a comic’s comic. He likes when the other comics do well. He likes to see the audience enjoy everyone.
He is living proof that anyone that quits school in 4th grade doesn’t understand how the world works or why everything he does he gets blamed for, when he thinks he is always right.

He has actually been known to say things like
“Why are you asking me? I’m not Alvin Einstein” and
“How should I know? I can’t read my mind”
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s the smartest one on the planet really just that dumb.

A.Z. says every show is like a big party and everyone is invited. It’s all about Respect. He makes you feel like family.
He was born in Brooklyn and he’s the nicest guy in the world.

Every audience feels as if they have known A.Z. their whole life after seeing him perform. You feel as if you are part of his family. One family from Texas said A.Z. is so loveable you don't know if it's o.k. to hold him, kiss him or feel sorry for him but one thing you do know is he's very special. You picture everything he talks about and you sometimes laugh more at his antics before you even hear the punchlines. The people next to us said there can't be a school teacher in the world that would admit he was in their class.



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