Dream Machine

Dream Machine

Dream Machine was formed as singer/songwriter Jesse Stockton was touring nationally and met
now bassist Jarrett Pelzel, and guitarist Winston Mitchell. Together they form a sound which
touches on various genres including psychedelic, Americana, rock, and even folk. Since their
formation the group added longtime friend and drummer to the line up Sean McClain. Sean
brings a hint of jazz with a spoonful of rock into their already eclectic sound. Also appearing with
Dream Machine when he is not performing with big names like George Clinton is keyboardist
Tyler Simmons. Tyler fills the sound with churchy organs and screaming funky notes. Described
in Star News as, “...consistently offers colorful music with electronic flourishes, psychedelic
textures, thumping bass lines and spacey guitar notes.”
Jesse has been a songwriter since the age of 12. Writing and recording his first album at the
age of 25, and now on his second with Dream Machine being released in February 2017. He
has nationally toured, bringing his version of Americana folk rock to audiences from North
Carolina across the U.S.
Jesse first met Jarrett at a show he was playing in Charlotte. Jarrett had recently returned from
spending a year in Korea and was looking to meet like minded musical friends. Jesse wound up
back at Jarrett’s house and the two sat and played music for hours, Jarrett learning the entire
song repertoire that night. Jarrett is a powerhouse rhythm player, and outstanding vocalist.
Moving from carrying smooth energy filled solos into consistently beautiful harmonies that bring
emotion to the listener.
Jesse met Winston in a similar fashion. Jesse’s manager at the time brought Winston in for a
show in Raleigh, NC to play acoustic guitar for a set. From the first note the two were
intertwined in rhythm and song. Winston brings a multitude of influence from gritty slide guitar,
to grassy roots acoustic. He has been able to seamlessly cross genres with his guitar from folk
to electronic.
Sean was introduced to Jesse in much the same way as Winston. Brought down for a rehearsal,
the group for fun began to play, Sean instantly picked up the vibe and drove the beat like he had
been there all along. His musically educated past brings the group full circle and glues the
songs together with cohesion and maturity

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