Said The Whale

Said The Whale

Long before Vancouver’s Said The Whale became a JUNO Award-winning, radio chart-topping indie rock band, it was an exploratory songwriting experiment led by high school friends Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worcester. Now, a decade since their 2007 formation, they have taken the project back to its freeform roots while simultaneously venturing forward into uncharted art-pop territory.

As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide, the band’s fifth studio album, marks a return to the group’s formative philosophies. Set for release on March 31, 2017 via Hidden Pony Records, Said The Whale recorded their latest batch of songs in various Vancouver studios, with We Are The City’s Cayne McKenzie serving as producer; helping to reconfigure song textures, soaking scratch vocals in effects and stitching back together song fragments into completed tracks. The sessions were briefly interrupted by the birth of Tyler’s son, and Jaycelyn, newly married, had to record some of her parts while on her extended honeymoon in Southeast Asia.

“(As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide) is a return to how Tyler and I used to make music,” notes Ben, “which is just experimenting with anything and everything. We started out using Casio keyboards and drumbeats on our computers, and then we turned into a rock band. This is a return to being free to make anything.”

Through all the years, the racked up international tour miles, and internal change the band has weathered, this new record remains true to the spirit of Said The Whale’s classic work. At its core, As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide is a singer-songwriter record, guided by introspective lyrics and arresting, alchemical group harmonies. “This is our most personal, earnest record for sure,” Tyler says. “Even the upbeat songs are lamenting and sad.”

The first single from the album will be released in early January 2017. Additional album news, music and visuals will be forthcoming in the new year.

Arms Akimbo has burst onto the Alternative rock music scene with the release of its self-produced E.P., “Vignettes.” Propelled by the individual musicality and versatility of its members, Peter Schrupp, Chris Kalil, Matt Sutton, and Colin Boppell, Arms Akimbo has put together an upbeat, honest, and raw alternative album. Formed in January of 2015 when the members met on their LMU college campus in Los Angeles, Arms Akimo crafts unique, harmony-packed, and percussion-driven sounds with dynamic and exciting live performances in which the members change roles and bounce from one instrument to another. With the band's popular single, “Shakin'” being played on college radio across the country, in front of nearly 200,000 fans at the 2015 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, and various other venues, this talented group is clearly on the rise.

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