Hirie - Woman Comes First Tour

Young, talented and ambitious define HIRIE as an individual and as an artist. Stirring up island-inspired vibes with sounds of roots, reggae and pop while also applying her smooth, sweet and naturally pop-sounding voice to blend it all together. HIRIE will undoubtedly be a driving force in new-age music.

Natalli Rize


Kush County's origins are rooted in the state of Hawaii. It all started out with Kanikapila sessions on the local beaches, where Gino (aka Chucky) and Robert grew up and formed a friendship that would grow and move throughout the years. To them it was just playing the uke, singing, and feeling the aloha vibration that only Hawaii could bring. The natural laid back atmosphere, and reggae on the radio became the foundation of their lifestyle. Fast forward to the year 1998 they met a guy name Tim (guitarist). He entered the scene with a rock and roll background, and was was new to Arizona. Everyone now lived in Maricopa, regular jobs, ordinary people. It was all soon to change. New musicians entered the scene. Nicole, (singer) Charlie, (singer) Mic, (Drummer) and Jared (baseman). There were others also, but unfortunately they could not stand the test of time . In 1999 they formed their first official band called Island Flava. They had limited success due to the daily grind of life and family and the plain ol hardships of keeping a band together. Eventually, original songs started getting written. One of which songs is featured on You tube under Island Flava called "Reggae Music". It was a time of transition, and experimentation and outright fun. Island Flava played small gigs, and mostly toured locally. A highlight of their accomplishments was a cover of "I don't want to dance" by Eddie Grant. it had over 17,000 views on YouTube. After a few years Island Flava got into some considerable drama , and the band was torn apart. Robert, the frontman of the band, had to move to Michigan. Mic and Charlie left and moved to Hawaii. Everyone started doing their own thing, except Tim and Nicole. They were determined to to keep the band together. With everyone gone the only natural thing to do was change the name. Kush County was born in 2008. With more ambition then music, they set out to redefine who they were. They went to the studio and wrote 5 songs. It took over a year and with different musicians everywhere on all the tracks, and was finally released in 2010. Robert moved back into town, after trying his time in Michigan. Gino rejoined and Tony had become the new lead guitar. Jared had switched to playing drums or guitar. Nicole learned how to play uke and Tim playing whatever part was needed. Then the band found Jonny a new and current Drummer. Tempe wanted more, Arizona wanted more, and they got it. They started promoting their "Demo" album EP and haven't looked back. With a bright future ahead of them they are hitting the road hard. You'll find them in the Phoenix area and surrounding cities, but don't be surprised if you see them in your neighborhood. Who knows, you'll probably hear them on your radio.

$17.00 - $19.00


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