Brooklyn Nights at Black Cat, Natalie Prass

Brooklyn Nights at Black Cat

The Brooklyn Brewery knows what it takes to make a great concert: top-notch musicians, awesome venues, and plenty of beer. Get the full experience at Black Cat on Friday, October 20 at 8 PM. Wildhoney, Den-Mate will open for noted singer-songwriter Natalie Prass, Brooklyn Brewery will stock the bar, and all you have to do is show up and have fun. Get your tickets and come hang.

Natalie Prass

American singer-songwriter, born in 1986 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, based in Nashville, Tennessee.


The intimate music of Den-Mate—the latest project from DC
songwriter/producer Jules Hale—is arresting, like peering into a funhouse
mirror. Her sparse, dreamy jams reflect and distort private nighttime
thoughts of desperation and isolation, transforming abstract fears into
throbbing bass lines and static-washed riffs. Drawing a bridge from Chimes
Records' dreamy guitar pop and the exciting world of progressive
electronica, Den-Mate brings a new style for adventurous listeners in DC
and beyond.

$5.00 - $12.00


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