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After building her name up through LA’s underground, Ill Camille took a professional hiatus due to hardships that forced her to grow both personally and musically. Always stressing the importance of God and family before everything else, since finding the light at the end of the tunnel she has designed Heirloom as a collection of stories dedicated to keeping her head on straight in the midst of turbulence.
Ill Camille’s divine mission to uplift the world through Heirloomis an extension of ancestry that includes musicians and fighters whose spirits make her art a necessity.Translating her tumultuous past few years through cathartic soulful Hip-Hop, creating this album was key to maintaining her sanity as she notes “I don’t think I had a choice in the matter”.
Despite self-awareness being at the core of who Ill Camille is on and off of the mic, the bittersweet beauty of her most introspective release to date is the life struggle contained within her songs.Heirloom details all she’s experienced since 2012’s Illustrated, from losing relatives to incarceration and death, her own health complications and mistakes made diving headfirst into love and lust.
Evidenced by Heirloom’s lead single “Almost There” (which features recent TDE signee SiR), and her follow up “Home”, Ill Camille is able to shine by simply relaying her innermost truths for the world to relate to. Never overthinking the process in figuring out her path, she says “I let the spirit in my feeling guide me in everything, I didn’t plan anything out. Your music should reflect the mental space you’re in at the time, I have a moral obligation to put that on my records.”
A window into Ill Camille’s upbringing, last four years and days to come, Heirloom represents a rebirth with her continuing to evolve as a woman before being a warrior. In the end, inner strength and communal support triumphed over her setbacks and obstacles, with Camille summing up the experience saying “I was inspired to finish this project because I owed it to myself and the people around me the respect to show my appreciation for them.” Having used pressure to form a diamond, this latest body of work promises to speak for past, present and future generations of confused souls determined to become hopeful survivors.

Sahtyre is an artist hailing from Los Angeles.

south central american. prollysleepin'. a palm tree personified.



Kenny Segal

Electronic dance music producer from Tel Aviv, Israel
Styles include: Progressive House, Electro House



TRU (The Real Untouchables) was an American hip hop group from Richmond, California to New Orleans, Louisiana.

The original members of the group were Master P, Big Ed, Silkk, C-Murder, KG, Sonya C, Fonzo, Milkman, Markest Bank, and Daniel Fry and TRU released two underground albums with this formation. Later TRU reduced to just Master P, Silkk, and C-Murder and released their first nationwide album "True".

From Philadelphia… Now located in Los Angeles…

Produce, play bass/gtr/drums/keys, make tracks, and other various audio work...also teach too.

May have worked with somebody you know.

Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Lex Lu is the explicit definition of raw energy. Her music is a mix of Hip Hop, Soul, and pop as she aims to redefine the status quo of the “Female Rapper.” Her unique style and voice is sure to capture your attention. Completely independently created, her newest album “LexAngeles" is artistically a breath of fresh air worth taking 30 mins out of your day to listen to. Available on all music platforms!

Also check out her new videos “Kill Bill” + "Light Switch” available on youtube.

I am Shiva Linga - a musician, producer, and vocal artist from Cleveland, Ohio. The study of sound goes back to ancient times, and through sound healing one is able to release tensions when certain frequencies are played. I actively study the note frequencies to understand how these vibrations may affect ones mind, body, and soul. This past year I have released my first album, Parallel in Universe, which I recorded, produced, and audio engineered. I will be performing some tracks off of my alternative psychedelic rock album, as well as some unreleased tracks !

Olívia Braga


Blimes Brixton

From the heart of San Francisco, Blimes Brixton is an
MC and vocalist armed with an unmatched passion for artistry. Her musical background extends two generations to a blues musician father and jazz
musician grandfather, which explains her affinity for melody and musicality. She’s been catching the eyes of the world, which most recently sparked collaborative efforts from hip hop icon Method Man. While early on in her career, the lyricist joined the
likes of Too Short, Adam Vida, & France’s Scratch Bandits Crew on various releases.

With a new moniker , Blimes embarks on a fresh journey to expand her sound and reach fans globally. While co-headlining a 25 city European tour with fellow heavy-hitter Gavlyn, Blimes established her own imprint label: Peach House Records, which is focused on highlighting talented women in the industry.

2016 proved to be a busy year for Henry. Berlin based label Jakarta Records, re-released his debut solo album Canyonland on a limited edition vinyl that sold out in one day. He also participated in the BoiSakré artist residency program in Biarritz, France. While his records continue to gain attention, it is his live performance that is the pinnacle of his artistry. His electric energy, command over the crowd, and ability to control his SP 404 while simultaneously rapping proves that he is a one man spectacle. With nationwide and European tours under his belt, and appearances at SXSW, Brokechella, Treefort Fest, Canyons’ rise is imminent. Over the course of his career he has shared the stage with Macklemore, Tash, A-Plus, Open Mike Eagle, Homeboy Sandman, Pigeon Jon, Blue Scholars, Billy Woods, Illogic, and tons of local LA talent.

Tolliver is a soul singer born and raised in the Midwest, cornfed and churchified. He’s spent years playing in Stax-inspired boozy bar bands, including Black Diet, an act that won best new bands honors from damn near every Minneapolis publication and filmed a nationally syndicated PBS special at the end of 2014.

His first solo EP, Quartertone, was written and recorded with Chilean producer Lister Rossell, an acclaimed beatsmith and sound designer who’s worked with singers from London to South Africa. The EP was a blistering indictment of American greed, Tolliver’s attempt at a modern What’s Going On?

Tolliver packed up for Los Angeles just after that release in hopes of escaping the crippling cold and making his best record yet. He got his wish in the form of Rave Deep, an EP about years spent depressed and high, self-exiled from family and desperate for love.

Elephant and Castle, who produced and co-wrote the EP, is signed to Plug Research, and has worked with Tune-Yards, dd_elle, Naytronix, and a host of other genre-bending, pocket-stretching r&b influenced acts.

Tolliver found Elephant and Castle via Craigslist; he’s actually found most collaborators there, gems in a sea of not gems. They’re currently working on a full-length that will expand their sound to include gospel harmonies, murky chords and macabre lyrics.


"A beautiful falsetto can stop you in your tracks and make the hairs on your body feel like bayonets. It almost sounds unholy, as though someone’s hitting notes that only animals with hyper-sensitive hearing should be able to hear. Wild Beasts, Anthony, and Shamir are three of the most adept at floating effortlessly. It’s probably time to add Tolliver to that category."-Jeff Weiss, LA Weekly/Passion of the Weiss

"The EP is a minimalist dream, seductively soulful and sparse-- offering a retrospective on failed relationships and a cynical gateway into future R&B."-Sarah Stanley-Ayre, City Pages Minneapolis

"The EP features Tolliver’s falsetto flying over burbling electronic tracks, miles away both musically and thematically from the buoyant soul of Tolliver’s band Black Diet."-Aaron Bolton, Minnesota Public Radio/The Current

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Hosted by Verbs, Ashley Dominique, Semi and Chelsea Monet

Resident sound by Spin, DJ El Ray & Faze LA


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