Port Lucian

Port Lucian

Port Lucian is an experimental psych-pop band started by Portia Maidment in Philadelphia in 2016. Influences for the band range from Jimi Hendrix to Tame Impala to Pink Floyd.
In 2017, production began for the EP Sun, which will be released on October 20th of 2017. The EP is a mixture soft dreamy pop and powerful synths which draw inspiration from 60's psychedelic greats.


Americanadian is a indie rock band founded in Philadelphia. Comprised of Nina Fuchs on drums, Nick DeFabritus on bass, Jeff Weinfarten on guitar/vox, and Serena Scalzi on guitar/vox, Americanadian is truly the "whatever" band you've been waiting for.


Three piece indie rock born from the bowls of the Eraserhood. Surprisingly silky and low on calories.

Ston Jamos

three pals playing jazz having fun

Brick Nova

Brick Nova are a four-piece band formed in 2015. Hailing from Philadelphian suburbs, they play an amalgam of alternative rock, punk, and garage-esque pop. Gigging in local shows inside and outside of Philly, they are no strangers to the local music scene. So far in their musical career, Brick Nova have release one album titled "On The Move". They are eager to expand outward to fellow lovers of the ever supportive music scene.

$8.00 - $12.00


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