The Attic Showcase

The Attic Showcase

For more than 25 years, Eddie’s Attic has served as a home for musicians both locally and nationally touring. From its daily concerts to its nationally recognized Open Mic, the Attic has proven to be a veritable birth place and proving ground for legendary to modern up and comers on the verge of major breakthroughs. The music and the stories of the talent that performs on stage is well documented, but there is another group of incredible artists that frequent the main rooms, bars, and back halls of the venue. These musicians ensure the Attic functions daily, sometimes sacrificing the time to hone their craft to add to the success of the venue. They are bar tenders, waiters, cooks, sound engineers, but at their core, they are musicians looking for a platform.

Join us for the second annual Attic Showcase! Performers will join the ranks of former employees and owners who have graced the music room, adding their name to legends, like John Mayer, Nicki Thrailkill (Ink+Ash), Mike Kinnebrew, and Brian Revels (City Mouse). Join us in celebrating not only music, but those who create it.



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