AdHoc Presents Prawn

Formed in Ridgewood, NJ in the summer of 2007, Prawn has extensively toured the US, self-released two EPs and one tour demo. The band self-released their first full length You Can Just Leave It All in June 2011 with Topshelf Records releasing it on vinyl that winter. The band followed up their first full length with an EP/LP entitled Ships in the summer of 2012 — which they made their first trip to Europe and the UK in support of over a five week tour. The band has continued touring throughout 2012 and 2013. A split release with Joie De Vivre is slated for a February 11, 2014 release and a new LP will follow later in the year.

Slingshot Dakota

Slingshot Dakota is a two-piece indie rock band comprised of keyboards and drums. Inspired by punk and hardcore, this band is nothing short of energy. Carly Comando sings and plays keyboard through a variety of effects pedals while husband Tom Patterson drums like a madman. They do things with these instruments that most bands can't do with a standard set up: they cram the sonic space they are in. While heartfelt melodies anchor the duo's compelling sound, Slingshot has injected a bit of that ol' punk rock abandon – not to mention a heaping does of good times – into the mix. The result is as tender as it is raucous and fun.

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