The Americans, Bird Concerns, MetronOhm, Vattica

The Americans

The Americans perform original rock & roll rooted in traditional American music. Formed in 2010, the Americans have toured all over the United States and shared billing with the likes of T Bone Burnett and Patti Smith. The band accompanied Grammy- and Oscar-winner Ryan Bingham on his Junky Star and Tomorrowland tours in 2011 and 2012.

Bird Concerns

Bird Concerns began in 2012 as an acoustic collaboration between songwriters Travis Meador, Marcus Buser, and Cooper Wolken. The band has since developed into an electric quintet, blending interlocking guitars with syncopated grooves, and rich vocal harmonies. While the members’ backgrounds in classical and jazz music shine through complex arrangements and subtle layers, Bird Concerns’ songwriting is deeply rooted in American pop and rock music. The outcome is a unique and finely crafted sound, which plays upon the listener’s expectations to create a relatable yet surprising experience. The band is currently living in Los Angeles and performing at a wide range of venues, from bars and house shows to more notable venues such as the Bootleg and the Troubadour. Bird Concerns has released one self titled EP, and is set to release their debut LP ‘Till Morning Comes in the summer of 2016.

From San Fran to LA, Act Natural is testing out the waters of this vibrant place.
Kofi (Mike Blair) is a music producer who has recently picked up guitar. He and Annabelle toggle between lead and harmony with vocals. He may also surprise you with a pocket piano or many of the other tricks up his sleeve.
Annabelle is primarily a mandolin player and vocalist, though she also plays violin (her first instrument) and tickles the guitar.

They do not have much recorded just yet, so keep your ears peeled for what's in store.

VATTICA is an American alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band consists of Alexander Millar (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Prentice (drums, percussion, backing vocals). They are signed to Another Century Records / Sony Music.

Formed in early 2013, the band quickly built a local following in Southern California, including on the infamous Sunset Strip, performing at legendary venues such as The Viper Room, The Roxy Theater and The Troubadour. VATTICA’s bombastic and energetic live show caught the attention of Another Century / Sony Music, who promptly offered the band a recording contract in 2015.

In 2016 VATTICA entered the studio to begin recording their debut album at The Mix Room in Burbank, CA with veteran producer Ben Grosse (Thirty Seconds To Mars, Breaking Benjamin, Daughtry, Filter, Depeche Mode, Red, Vertical Horizon).

“Working with Ben and his team at The Mix Room is amazing” says Alexander. “He completely understands what we’re trying to accomplish, both sonically and thematically, and has no shortage of interesting and insightful suggestions and techniques to help us accomplish that.”

“Also, he’s either produced or been directly involved with so many records that have been influential to us,” adds Prentice. “It’s an amazing experience to be able to work with someone like that.”

VATTICA’s music is alternative pop rock characterized by soaring vocal melodies, driving guitars, vast orchestration and commanding rhythm sections of wide dynamic variety. Their lyrical content often reflects on the universal themes of the human experience, while also commenting on sociopolitical issues. The band adopts a cinematic quality to both their creative process and musical style, as both Alexander and Prentice are highly influenced by film, particularly Sci-fi and Tech-noir.

VATTICA is noted for their energetic live performances and for their fresh and unique take on a familiar and widely embraced genre of music. They have been compared to artists such as 30 Seconds To Mars, Green Day, Muse, Our Lady Peace, U2, Depeche Mode and One Republic.


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