MDC, The Elected Officials, No Anger Control, Drunk in a Dumpster


American Hardcore band founded in 1979 in Austin, Texas.

The Elected Officials

The Elected Officials is an anarcho-hardcore punk band from Austin, TX and Santa Fe New Mexico. Former members of at least 15 other bands, EO delivers ripping hardcore punk rock. With lyrics about corporate politics, big box stores, religious pundits and oppression, we hope to inspire punks to get involved with social issues and participate in the glolbal DIY community. Fighting for Social Justice is a way of life and talking about it is just the beginning….

No Anger Control

When anger emanates from every pore in your body, and you bleed rage from the darkest crevices of your just might need; NO ANGER CONTROL! Since 2012 we have been replacing anger management meetings with a face full of punk to calm your inner demons. Rage on!

Drunk in a Dumpster

Drinking and sleeping it off.

$10.00 - $12.00


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