King 810 (often shortened to just King) is an American metal band from Flint, Michigan in December 2007 consisting of David Gunn, Andrew Beal, Eugene Gill and Andrew Workman. The bands first release was their independent EP titled Midwest Monsters in 2012, which earned them a signing with Roadrunner Records, releasing their second EP titled Proem in 2014, later releasing their debut studio album Memoirs of a Murderer that same year.

We're SWEAT. We create a lot of sound, but we're dynamic too. Not always JUST loud. We play hard. We play dark. Shrill.

Blackstar Republic

BlackStar Republic is a hard rock metal band from Texas. Bringing a twin guitar attack and pounding rhythm section. BSR mixes the old school roots of metal with a modern day twist. With a style that fits almost any genre. Coming from different backgrounds the four members have created a unique sound. Songs that groove and ones that will have you singing with them in anthem melodies, to songs that will take a walk on the dark side. The band likes to have a good time and you will see that in their live shows.


$10.00 - $400.00


$14 Advance/ $16 Day of Show/ $25 Premier Balcony/ $125 Premier Tables/ $400 Premier Cabana

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